Meghan Markle’s TV journalist attack is very difficult: ‘She is stupid’

Meghan Markle’s TV journalist attack is very difficult: ‘She is stupid’

The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, was attacked by a journalist during a television program.

The Duchess of Sussex’s new podcast, Meghan Markle, continues the discussion. Surely, those who believed in flop like the previous Dukes podcast would be disappointed. This time, it appears that Prince Harry’s wife wants to share the secrets of the House of Windsor.

After all, this podcast, titled original models It suits the hot climate between the Dukes of Sussex and the royal family. A few days ago, as the British newspapers wrote, the Queen Elizabeth He would have changed his will, except for Harry and Meghan himself.

But there is certainly no shortage of criticism. In the course of an interview recently published in The Cut Monthly, Meghan Markle made some statements that could reach controversy. Even the cover, which features a photo of the Duchess reminiscent of a very famous photo of Lady Diana, has been criticized.

Journalist’s words

In the morning studies program Sunriseon Seven Network, in Australia, the journalist Natalie Borgthe co-presenter of the program, talked about the last interview that the Duchess gave, which is the one she had with her shearing; In particular, I focused on what appears to be an inappropriate comparison for many of the Duchess. Prince Harry’s wife said one of the cast of The Lion King revealed to her on her wedding day: South Africans dancing in the streetAnd the [come quando] Mandela was released from prison.”

Natalie Burr commented on the interview by calling the Duchess of Sussex a “slanderer,” which can be translated as an idiot. He explained: I couldn’t get this article. I think we in Australia say she’s stupid. It’s a nut, a whole nut! So half of it.”

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