Zelensky is in trouble, Disney went crazy and pedophiles: So, today …

Zelensky is in trouble, Disney went crazy and pedophiles: So, today …

– I don’t know why in the press The Dalai Lama Enjoy much reverence and appreciation. The truth is that if any Western religious leader, like the Pope or Patriarch Kirill, were to kiss a child on the mouth and tell him to “suck my tongue,” the first word that would come to my mind would be just one: pedophilia. Instead, the Dalai Lama is just a “misstep”. Your Majesty.

– on Berlusconi There is cautious optimism and the official publications of San Rafael say so. The most unusual news is circulating on the Internet, which this time has caused outrage Zangrillo. Professor pointing out courier, She talked about fake news and “nonsense”. A technical term explaining to colleagues at Via Solferino that no, Cav didn’t try to get out of bed.

Zelensky Looks like he’s in trouble. Apart from the authenticity of Passover and Kaf, we did not pay much attention to the leak that NATO and the US intelligence services were implicated in. Now, it could all be a bluff: something ingeniously constructed to convince Moscow that Kiev is in such bad shape that it makes them underestimate a counterattack. But if what is written there is true, then Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defenses are running out. The only sure thing is that if you can’t get the helicopters and planes out of the way, you’re in big trouble. Superiority in the sky would make it difficult to maintain existing positions, let alone recapture Crimea.

– seems to be the new live action of Disney The songs will be revisited in honor of political correctness, MeToo and vigilante ideology. “Kiss It”, one of the most beautiful songs of the Disney cartoon, was censored because it would be an invitation for the prince to kiss. Ariel without her permission. First: is the first step. Second: She became silent and her big eyes said, “Lemon, you idiot.” Third: It was a romantic situation and the kiss went with everything. Explain to us what we boys should do: put our lips a few centimeters away from our beloved, and ask her to sign the privacy policy before proceeding with it?

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– I went to lunch Georgians “Vegetable Garden and Kitchen”, to be exact, A.S Villa Silvathe country house Run by children where you can enjoy the presence of the famous chef. Well: you’ll think she’s a scammer but it’s not true (I paid). Except I’m here writing this unworthy column having stuffed myself with endless appetizers of all kinds, papa pomodoro, lard and offal, gnocchi with sagrantino, lasagne with old-fashioned meat sauce (what do you mean? duno), lamb, guinea fowl, Desserts, and I go through the usual slack of a satisfied dinner. Briefly. I did a test. era Tasty. And I recommend it.

– l Padua Awarding a prize of 100 euros to students with an average of 9. The Student Network, i.e. Communist Youth, protests and claims it is a “toxic dynamic”. Translator: Merit, which is the basic rule of every working society, will be a “toxic dynamic.” Of course: They teach kids that excelling or sucking are basically the same thing, that you shouldn’t reward those who work hard, that hanging out is fine, and then we’ll see how they react once they enter the toxic world of work. Congratulations.

– 1900 immigrants in Lampedusa. 1200 on boats. Dear Giorgia Meloni, The problem here is very big. It can remain under wraps for a while, but then it pays a heavy price in electoral terms. What do we do?

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