March 25, 2023

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The true story of a Mondrian painting hanging upside down for 77 years: the discovery thanks to the intuition of an Italian artist

picture Piet Mondrian He spent 77 years hanging “upside down”. This is the famous opera “New York City 1 (unfinished)” by the artist 1941. To report the news Reuters Who interviewed Amina Evolution exhibition at K20 in Dusseldorfin Germany, which was revealed “The error”. It was the Italian artist who realized that the famous painting had been shown in the wrong direction Francesco Vesali who had already informed in September 2021, via email, the museum’s director, Annette Kruczynski, of her intuition. “She thanked me for the information she provided and told me she was going to include it in the coordinator’s file because he lacked certain information,” Visalli, who has been conducting studies and research on Mondrian for more than 15 years, explained to printing. Meanwhile, Wietse Coppes, editor of the Mondrian Edition project and art historian at the RKD (Netherlands Institute for Art History), confirmed that the discovery was attributable to Visalli.

In the past few hours, it was art historian Susanne Mayer-Busser who said she noticed the anomaly while preparing for the exhibition at K20 in Düsseldorf, saying she was “one hundred percent” sure the painting had been hung upside down. . Photo taken at Mondrian’s private studio, before moving to the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1945, where the painting was already hanging upside down, immortalized the painting in other words. Another clue is also in the lines that characterize the painting, in a similar canvas, in fact, as reported in the Post, it is denser on top, while in this it is denser on the bottom. According to Meyer-Büser, it is more appropriate for them to condense at the top, as if representing a darkened sky.

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However, it is not known why the painting was filmed until now but It will hardly be overturned now. The curator actually explained to Reuters that the movement would jeopardize the work, which is made of colorful sticky tape and depicts the stylized New York skyline. Converting it, in fact, some really risky tapes can pay off. In addition to distorting the work history.