Tale and which Show 2022 tournament winner, champions name and rank

Tale and which Show 2022 tournament winner, champions name and rank

Tonight, Friday November 18, the Tale and Who Show Tournament airs on Rai Uno, which sees the first six champions from the eleventh and twelfth editions take on each other. Here is the name of the winner and the whole standings.

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This evening on Friday November 18, 2022 on Rai Uno will be broadcast Competition From That and that appearthe next last episode he watched last week Antonino Spadachino at the top of the ranking. The top six champions of the just ended edition and the top six of the last one will compete: beloved personalities such as Pierpaolo Pretelli, Stefania Orlando and Gemelli di Guidonia will return to the studio. Judging talent tonight again Loretta Joggi, Giorgio Panariello, Cristiano Malgoglio and surprising fourth referee. The winner of Tale and Which Show 2022 is Antonino Spadaccino.

Antonino Spadachino, winner of the tale title and any championship 2022

Antonino Spadachino, winner of the tale title and any championship 2022

Rival champions and winner of the Tale and which Show

The Tale and Which Show 2022 tournament, also conducted by Carlo Conte, will see the champions of editions 11 and 12 challenge each other with imitations: Antonino Spadachino, Andrea Dianetti, Gil Roca, Elena Ballerini, Valentina Bercia and Rosalinda Canavo are the six. Talents and impersonators who occupy the highest positions in the ranking that was drawn up last Friday. They will be joined by the six from last year: Guidonia twins, Francesca Allotta, Dennis Fantina (who will replace Ciro Priello, who works in the theatre), Deborah Johnson, Stefania Orlando and Pierpaolo Pritelli.

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Only one of them will win: Amechi’s former pupil, Antonino Spadachino, in the role of Marco Masini, manages to triumph again and establish himself in the competition of the best.

final ranking

The result of the tournament sees that the talents that participated in the last radio version are at the top of the standings, in the top three positions. Finally, Stefania Orlando introduced herself on stage as Caterina Caselli, but she sang despite having laryngitis.

  1. Antonino Spadachino (Marco Masini)
  2. Valentina Bercia (Gabriella Ferri)
  3. Andrea Dianetti (Manskin) and Gil Rocca (Franco Califano)
  4. Francesca Allotta (Mia Martini)
  5. Deborah Johnson (Tina Turner)
  6. Rosalinda Canavu (Francesca Michielin)
  7. Pierpaolo Pritelli (Achille Lauro)
  8. Guidonia Twins (BJs)
  9. Elena Ballerini (Antonella Ruggiero)
  10. Denise Fantina (Michelle Zarillo)
  11. Stefania Orlando (Katrina Caselli)

Who is the fourth judge of the evening

Tonight last Friday with Carlo Conte and Till and the show The fourth judge was not missing, who joined Loretta Joggi, Giorgio Panariello and Cristiano Malgoglio at the table. In Fabrizio Frizzi’s Roman Rai studios, Alba Parietti will return but only for a brief appearance. While to fill in as judges for the evening it will be Gabriel Cirelli And the Francesco Paolantoni.

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