January 27, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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“Get out the pretty songs ain’t in the a**,” he storms out to Nina Zelle. Charges against Elodie? explains the singer

Post shared by Nina Zili sparked a storm of social controversy. who also forcibly overshadowed his counterpart Alodice. It all stems from a phrase that Zilli has re-echoed in her profiles: “I advise anyone who wants to pursue a career as a singer and/or songwriter: put out the nice songs, not the figa.” A suggestion that according to many would have been an etching of the Romanian artist, who on the same day announced the release of tickets for her show at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan, scheduled for Friday 12 May 2023, with a photo on Instagram. From the mind of “young bad guys” and “evil gooseberry”, according to Zelle herself. who, after the uproar raised by the premise, rushes off to repeat that he was not angry with Elodie. but with Billie Eilish: In fact, he says he saw a concert where the American singer-songwriter was “dressed as a diver,” after which she was quick to spread the outrage on Twitter.

Counterattack after the rumors

and to those who in their thinking have grasped a reference to an author Well, breathe He addresses a notion: «Victims of functional illiteracy unleash you, like ULTRAS. Without realizing it was all put together a fake! ». Then he embarks on broader reflections: “Living on numbers and clicks leads this society without direction. Art, in fact, suffers from a lack of content and is often just marketing and commodification.” But he concludes without going back to the basic concept: «I affirm and subscribe: young singers and/or singers, release beautiful songs!!!!!!! Music want good music first ever!!!!!!! ».

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