Get it quickly for less than 2 euros per liter!

Get it quickly for less than 2 euros per liter!

This time Eurospin has truly surpassed itself, at less than 2 euros per liter there is an offer to grab it quickly before it ends up on the shelves.

since yesterday New offers at Eurospin and browse the flyer We’ve found a really great opportunity. Eurospin is an Italian company with great discount distribution present in Italy, Croatia and Slovenia.


Not just food, outside 1200 points of sale in the chainYou can find a lot every week Offered products such as hardware, DIY, gardening, clothing, animals, household items and so on.

This time, however, our attention literally caught a nutritional product at a truly unbeatable price. Let’s find out what it is and why we have to take it fast because it’s a file Less than 2 euros per liter.

This is the unbeatable offer from Eurospin: less than 2 euros per liter

Really great offer, this time Eurospin has really surpassed itself by offering a really useful product in the kitchen, at a lower price. Single Recently it reached 2.39 euros And now it’s down again, but what are we talking about?

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The product in question isSunflower oil under the “Collina d’oro” brand Sold in a 5-liter can. The cost is really low, in fact we only find it 1.96 euros per liter, A real deal.

for him The initial price of the 5-liter canister was 12.19 and now at only 9.79 euros We can buy one package 20% off. Considering that seed oil has seen a sharp rise recently and has reached similar prices to olive oil, finding it at this price is really an opportunity not to be missed.

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Unfortunately, all of these increases stem from the consequences of the war in Ukraine that led to a general increase in prices in many sectors. We have already talked several times about how to save, for example, on the consumption of some household appliances, Like a fridge trick with a water bottle, or on Iron, and learn a few tricks to avoid it.

But back to our sunflower oil, now that some feasts have come, a good supply is possible, perhaps for frying. And if we think Christmas is upon us too, it’s probably worth grabbing it before it ends up on the shelves.

The show this time around is actually really tempting and letting him go too far would be a real shame. Starting yesterday, you can find sunflower oil at this special price until November 6.

All that’s left is to run to Eurospin!

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