Paloma Rocasolano confirms the end of the cohabitation of Letizia and Felipe VI

Paloma Rocasolano confirms the end of the cohabitation of Letizia and Felipe VI

A lot has happened in the past few months operetta Which upset all the plans of its residents. For years there was already a rumor of a bad relationship between Felipe and Letizia. Some theories started by Pilar Aire and Jaime Peñafiel, two Casa Real experts. Its events take place in 2013, when the kings faced the biggest crisis in their history, and this is no secret to anyone. However, it was thought that this would be due to Juan Carlos's misdeeds and the Nos case involving Inaki Urdangarin, but it would actually be due to alleged betrayal. This was revealed by Jaime del Burgo. The lawyer revealed that the Queen had been unfaithful to the King and him for several years.

Letizia Felipe awarded the Princess of Asturias Award

Paloma Rocasolano She knew about this extramarital affair from minute one. The retired nurse and her daughter have an excellent relationship and great complicity. I went to the first one and explained everything to him. She wanted to leave Zarzuela because the crown had satisfied her, this world was not hers, it did not belong to her. His mother advised him to hold on and live a second life in secret. It was a complicated task. The lovers saw each other secretly in an apartment in Madrid, in Barcelona or in International travel They also used Telma Ortiz to keep their relationship a secret.

Felipe VI discovered Letizia's betrayal thanks to his team of spies. He also learned that Paloma Rocasolano was behind everything. She left her home to the Queen on numerous occasions. The King does not tolerate lying, it is a thing That I will never forgive. For this reason, the visits of Jesús Ortiz's ex-boyfriend are becoming less and less. After the pandemic, they were almost never seen.

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Paloma Rocasolano GTRES

Felipe forbids the Ortiz Rocasolanos from entering the zarzuela when he is at home

Paloma Rocasolano went to Zarzuela with Complete comfort and without setting an appointment. The doors were wide open, especially when Leonor and Sofía were young. Now there is nothing left of that. Felipe tells him he doesn't want her in the house, just as his wife doesn't want the Bourbons either. All in all, Zarzuela is not a hotel.

But the retired nurse visits her daughter Every weekend Felipe is not home. They are very close. In this way it appears that the relationship between them is completely broken. They do not divorce because it would be a scandal to the Crown, but they choose to stop cohabiting.

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