Gallery d’Italia conference in Naples 2023: ethics, legality and economics

Gallery d’Italia conference in Naples 2023: ethics, legality and economics

The prosecutor of the Naples court will give substance to the story of their institutional and professional experiences Nicola Gratteri and co-founder and president of GOEL Gruppo Cooperativo Vincenzo LinarelloHe called to discuss the topic Effective ethics: a positive experience in Calabria.

There is another topic that deserves continuous monitoring and study, and is related to social fragmentation and the contradictory nature of the present, which is devoted to How to rebuild a sense of community through legitimacy. They will discuss it Rita Caprio President of the L’Uomo e il Legno Social Cooperative, Chiara Ciccarelli Comparison Society Coordinator, Simaco Perillo Chairman of Beyond Dreams Social Cooperative Society H Angelica Viola Development Manager Orsa Maggiore Cooperativa Sociale.

Directly related to the previous topic is another topic that was addressed during the conference: How to work in an integrated and effective manner for the benefit of those who choose to work legally. In this case, ideas for action and analysis will be presented by the committee coordinator Don Pepe Diana Salvatore Cocchiby Intesa Sanpaolo’s Head of Impact Andrea Lecce And by the President of the Foundation Don Tonino Palmes.

The journalist is tasked with managing the intense work morning as a supervisor Maria Latella.

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