Fiat Uno: there’s a whole world around it

Fiat Uno: there’s a whole world around it

A utility car for everyone – “Comfortable” and “Luxury” minivan. but also “sarmiosa” and “skatosa”, as mentioned in the very cute new phrases in the midst of the ultra-modern advertising campaign that accompanied the launch Fiat Uno. Practical and nimble little car, so small on the outside and so spacious on the inside (3.64 meters long: practically like a current Fiat Panda, but much more welcoming) to win, with the simple nature of products and the indifference of the “predetermined” “, the challenges of the new eighties. The little car Best seller“bread”, approx Nine million samples, the protagonist of a success that still to this day makes it the eighth best-selling instrument in the world. in the first forty years (here news), we want to remember Fiat Uno In so many ways. The focus is more on the technical aspects of the project than on the new ‘dress’ by Italdesign by Giorgetto Giugiaro The tried-and-tested front-wheel-drive layout and engine of the previous Fiat 127 hid on its ability to carry on the mission of auto democratization successfully carried out by its more famous predecessors, from the 600 to the 500 up to, specifically, the 127.

Behind the world there is a whole world… – But the world that revolves around him Fiat Uno It is much broader and more diverse than that. It offers many other ideas to understand phenomenon For a model that literally made car history. Everyone knows the legendary Turbo ie edition well, which is a symbol, yesterday and today, of an era when a small utility vehicle with a few modifications under the hood was enough to feel like a driver even when queuing at traffic lights. Less well known but no less important, on this side of the ocean, from Uno are the long-lived releases for the Latin American market, especially for Brazil, as its last heir (who took his name despite having a body almost identical to that of the current panda) retired only at the end of 2021. We decided to keep track of these and other “first world” seasons in our gallery. To remember, through the most “unusual” angles, a car, after all, belongs to us all.

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