The statue of Thomas Jefferson was removed from New York City Hall in the United States

The statue of US President Thomas Jefferson was removed from New York City Hall because it was in the slave trade. As he writes Sky News, The sculpture – created in 1833 – has been housed in the central hall since 1915

Of the New York administration. But it has now been removed following a referendum last month.

Removal of the statue


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A team of technicians worked for several hours to remove the heavy statue from its pedestal and place it in a wooden box, which was then transferred to the New York Historical Society. Thus, Jefferson’s slave, the third president of the United States between 1801 and 1809, and one of the main authors of the Declaration of Independence, fulfilled the request of African American and Latin American advisers who had competed in the past.

Jefferson and slaves

“I’m very embarrassed to have that statue in the classroom where we work,” said Adrian Adams, an African American city councilor. “It pays homage to the slave owner who believed that people like me were ineligible to receive the same rights and freedoms he mentioned in the Declaration of Independence.” Jefferson kept 600 slaves in his Monticello estate near Charlottesville. Among them, a woman named Sally Hemings gave birth to six children for him.

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