Strip the News, Michel Hunziker absent: who will replace her

Strip the News, Michel Hunziker absent: who will replace her

There are still problems on the horizon stripping news: this time Michael Hunziker Being positive for Covid, and therefore having to leave her seat behind the satirical news counter for Canale 5. The news arrived recently, in a note published by the broadcaster which also reveals the name of the person who will replace the showgirl Switzerland, so that the latter can return to the studio.

Michael Hunziker positive for Covid

Michael Hunziker It turns out that positive To a rapid test for Covid-19 and he will not be able to drive tonight stripping news With Jerry Scotty” – reads the press release from Mediaset. The beautiful showgirl must be absent, at least temporarily, for safety reasons: her adventure as a presenter on the show Sarcastic news of Antonio Ricci It stops like this, until it gets a negative smear to confirm healing. Hunziker has not, for now, broken the silence on Instagram. But there doesn’t seem to be any reason to worry about his health.

Meanwhile, the announcer ran to look for cover and found who could replace michael Last minute: “Behind the table for the satirical news of Antonio Ricci – awaiting Hunziker’s molecular swab result – returns as presenter Valeria GrassiIt’s definitely not new to section, since the talented comedian collaborated as a reporter for many years. And in the past few weeks, he had the opportunity to work alongside his country Jerry Scotty As a presenter, even if it’s only for a few episodes.

Show the news, conductors

This year there is a lot I conductors who take turns driving stripping newsUnfortunately, there were no obstacles. Also due to a decidedly judicious mechanism, the controls are tight and it often happens that one of the protagonists of the show has a positive smear – even if the subsequent molecular test in many cases turns out to be negative. This is of course what we hope for It can also happen with Michael Hunziker: Showgirl got the result of the rapid test, so it could still be negative when a more thorough examination is done. In that case, we’ll see you again at the table soon section.

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Certainly, Mediaset is well prepared to solve the problem This kind of emergency: Already on several occasions it was necessary to intervene at the last minute, replacing the conductor – or the conductor – which obtained a positive result with the stopper. Recently it was the turn of Francesca Manzini, who landed behind the satirical news counter a few days before finding out she had Covid. On that occasion, section Valeria Grassi was posted immediatelythen it is brought to the small screen only Lorella Kocarini.

Instead, it has intervened since March 21 Michael Hunziker, who should have been at the helm of the show – along with Jerry Scotty – until June 11. For now, her management remains pending: first of all, it will be necessary to check if she is really positive for Covid, in which case the showgirl will have to wait for a full recovery before she can return to her place. certainly Fans are looking forward to itbecause with his great sympathy he immediately brought a breath of freshness stripping news. And his absence will surely be felt.

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