March 2024 is the tenth month in a row to record record temperatures

The planet's temperature continues to rise as it moves awayMore and more, than usual temperatures. No matter how we compare the temperatures in March, we find record values ​​that have never been recorded, with a magnitude that exceeds all logic and coherence.

March 2024 was Warmer on a planetary scale From last March. The average air temperature was in March 14.14°C, exceeding the previous record by 0.1°C It was founded in March 2016. Meanwhile, it is located 0.73°C above the average for the period 1991-2020. If we take pre-industrial temperatures as a reference, it was March 2024 as well 1.68°C above average between 1850-1900.

If it's truly alarming that the planet's monthly temperature is record high, it's even more alarming when it's in the context of a warming planet on which we live. For the tenth month in a row with a record number. Since June 2023, every month we've left behind has been a record. As the drawing shows

Daily air temperature anomalies (Copernicus)

In caseEuropeThe temperature was in March 20.12°C higher than the March average between 1991 and 2020sent Second hottest on recordonly 0.02°C lower than March 2014.

conditionThe warming of the oceans. The global temperature of seas and oceans was also distinguished between 60 north and 60 south latitudes Record values ​​not recorded this year were 21.07 degrees CelsiusExceeding the previous record of 21.06 set in February. Little by little, We are approaching a full year365 deaths, With daily sea temperature record. Record sea water temperature began on May 3 until now. Over 330 days of records.

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Daily sea temperature (Copernicus)

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