Federmanager Varese year-end event between science and art

Federmanager Varese year-end event between science and art

Varese, November 24, 2022 – Following tradition, Federmanager Varese, the regional headquarters of Federmanager, the association that represents the world of industrial management, organizes an annual year-end event for its members, their families and friends.

The appointment is Friday 2nd December, starting at 7.30pm, in the splendid setting of Villa Bregana in Carnago, an ancient 18th-century Lombard residence, immersed in a centuries-old garden.

Expect guest speaker Federico Benuzzi, a well-known science celebrity who will liven up the evening with entertaining moments of a scientific nature combined with the art of voodoo and its applications in everyday life.

A moment of exchanging greetings as the Christmas holidays approach, but not only; In fact, it will be an opportunity to provide evaluations and opinions on the activities carried out by the association during the year and those that will be developed and implemented in the near future to expand the range of services and opportunities offered to associated managers, in addition to those already integrated, including professional and personal advice in the contractual and trade union fields. and social security that aims to protect the personality of the director of the company at every stage of the profession, from appointment to retirement and support registration, change and compensation procedures by financing complementary health aids Fassi and Assidai.

Federmanager also offers Managers on service training courses and certifications specifically designed to increase and improve their management skills and advance their careers, as well as networking initiatives and events.

The opportunities offered by Federmanager Varese are not limited only to registered managers, but also to their families, who can benefit from numerous agreements with health, commercial, financial and insurance structures active in the region and at the national level.

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Without a representative action of the Federmanager, executives will have to face critical problems that may arise in working life and even when they retire without any protection: this is the great added value guaranteed by the associationThis is stated by Federmanager Varese President Eligio Trombetta.

Participation in the Federmanager Varese event is by invitation and is reserved for members.

Reservations are open through November 28. It is possible to request information by sending an e-mail to com [email protected] or by calling 0332.313198.

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