Box Office USA: Fantastic Beasts 3’s Guide to Grab

Box Office USA: Fantastic Beasts 3’s Guide to Grab

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets It debuted in the United States last weekend, and grossed $43 million. Adding this to the 71.7 million achieved in the rest of the world, the film earned 150.4 million last weekend, for a global total to date of 193.4 million. As a result, while important to showrunners at a still not easy time, it represents the lowest film appearance in an epic Harry Potter locally (ie in North America). In any case, the forecast speaks of a domestic pool of more than 100 million dollars.

In the second place we find Sonic 2 – The Movie, with a second weekend of $30 million and a total of 119.6. third the lost City, with $6.5 million in its fourth weekend, and a total of $78.5. in fourth place Everything everywhere at once, with 6.1 million and a total of 17.7. Finally, in the fifth place we find the first appearance of father stuDrama with Mark Wahlberg Which opened with 5.68 million and 8.

in the rest of the world

Batman Over the past weekend it crossed $750 million globally, maintaining its record as the highest gross profit of the year so far, both globally and locally. They totaled 751.1 million, including 386.1 million internationally and 365 in North America. The film crossed the line shortly before it was shown on HBO Max in the United States.

Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s SecretsThat said, the GDP outside North America was 71.7 million, for a global total of 193.4 million, -38% compared to the result of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and -42% compared to Fantastic monsters and where to find them. It must be borne in mind that China is not contributing as much as it can, whether to a new wave of lockdowns due to Covid, or to a different attitude towards American blockbusters. at first time Fantastic beastsChina contributed the best profit outside the US (85 million) and second best (after Japan). Grindelwald crimes (57.3).

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Sonic 2 It made another 25 million in 54 markets, down 31%. Its international total is now 112.2 million, global at 231.8. the lost City It has achieved 10 million in 33 markets, for a global total of 20.4 million.

Meanwhile, a new phenomenon appeared in India: KGF: Chapter 2. Movie Prashanth Neil, which was released on Thursday, totaling 445 crore (Indian unit of measure equivalent to 10 million rupees), or $58.3 million. To make a comparison, the last $$$$ It debuted at 398 crore in four days. globally, KGF It reached Rs 545 crore, surpassing $$$$ In both three and four days. It is estimated to be the second major appearance of four days for an Indian film after that Bahubali 2 (Rs 600 crore) in 2017.

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