Gasoline, decisions in the Official Gazette: price reduction

Gasoline, decisions in the Official Gazette: price reduction

With the excise tax cut, the consumer discount is 30.5 cents

The value of the reductions stipulated in the two measures published in the Gazette for petrol and diesel is 25 cents, plus a value-added tax of 22%. Altogether, the consumer discount on prices for both types of fuel is 30.5 cents. On the other hand, production fees for LPG are reduced by 8.5 cents, as envisaged in the ministerial decision. Adding value-added tax depreciation 10.37 cents.

The discount is valid for 30 days The reduction in production charges, and therefore in the price of fuel, will last for 30 days. However, it is expected that until December 31, 2022 the rates for these taxes can be restated without having to resort to a decree-law but only on a ministerial condition.

Storage and speculation – Specific rules were introduced for product storage deposits and to avoid speculative maneuvers, with the powers of a price guarantor and the use of financial police for control.

Petrol vouchers up to €200 – The decree also provides for a regulation aimed at helping workers using their own means to get to the workplace: petrol vouchers up to 200 euros. Employers will be able to guarantee it to their employees without contributing income, so they will not be taxed.

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