April 1, 2023

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“The only solution is diplomacy between Russia, the United States and China” – Il Tempo

Philosopher Massimo Cacciari was a guest on the March 23 episode of Controcorrente, the Rete4 talk show that sees Veronica Gentile run it. According to the former mayor of Venice, the solution to ending the war is diplomacy, and there is no other way: “It is clear that in the open field, if a battle akin to the Trojan War could be fought between the Ukrainians and the Russians, no one would have doubts about the outcome, the Russians would win. But the current geopolitical situation, the Russians cannot deploy all their power, just as the Americans cannot do in similar situations.Even the Americans in Vietnam did not put all their power into the field, it is clear that the geopolitical reasons are clear to everyone.The only serious thing to do is Attempt to set up a serious negotiating table, which should consist mainly of the real powers in this field, namely Russia, China and the USA We must – says Cacciari – seek an agreement if we do not want the war to continue until we have a victor in the field, who It could be Ukraine, given that Russia cannot express all its power. ”

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