Galacticat director, Ramon Buscaca, will be Ponent’s ambassador at “Producers Meet Producers” at the Sitges Film Festival.

Galacticat director, Ramon Buscaca, will be Ponent’s ambassador at “Producers Meet Producers” at the Sitges Film Festival.
Producers Meet Producers (PMP) is a meeting between major companies in the film industry and emerging talent · Through Talent Meet, Galacticat will also select a project to participate in the PMP · IEI will host a PMP speaker showcase at the event on Tuesday, May 21

Ramon Bochaca, Director of Galacticat – Tarija and Poniente International Film FestivalHe was He was selected as an ambassador for Lleida’s Meet the Producers competition (PMP), which is held within the framework of the Sitges Film Festival – Catalonia International Fantasy Film Festival, On Monday, October 9, 2024, which reaches its tenth edition this year.

El Bump It is a meeting between emerging production companies and business leaders that allows entrepreneurs in the audiovisual sector to get closer to the industry, With these professionals with long experience in creativity. The programme, organized by PAC (Audiovisual Producers of Catalonia) and the Sitges City Council, in collaboration with Sitges Industry, aims to bring value and visibility to the personality of the audiovisual producer, inside and outside the sector, generating industry and weaving a network. With emerging talent. The event combines personal training with a networking event that includes all guests.

This year, PAC (the leading association of the audiovisual sector in Catalonia, with more than 42 years of history), It selected four ambassadors responsible for prescribing PMP throughout Catalonia. In the process of demarcating Lleida’s borders, the person in charge will be Ramon Pusca, the current director of Galacticat.

We must remember that Competition Targarí also organizes the third talent meeting – Galacticat, which consists of a script competition and which also serves as a meeting point between creators, producers and distributors new to the sector. In addition, it serves as a pre-selection laboratory for one of its participating projects to also be a participant in this year’s PMP. As Ramon Puchaca explained, “The goal is to bring Ponente’s talent to the fullest extent possible and accompany her so that she can be placed at the forefront of the emerging industry, whether through PMP or Talent Meeting.”

The Galacticat – International Film Festival in Tarija and Ponent, It will be held between June 24 and 30, 2024 in the capital, Urgell, and more than 100 films will be shown. Among the ten sections are short films and feature films, both narrative and documentary. In addition, during the competition, the third talent meeting mentioned above will also be held, which is open The registration period is until May 22 through the Catalan platform INCOPRODUCTION.

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PMP presentation at the Institute of Island Studies

The main hall of the Institute of Studies Ilerdencs (Plaça de la Catedral, s/n, Lleida) will host the official presentation of the producers meeting with the producers in Lleida on Tuesday, May 21 at 12:30 p.m. In addition to the Director of Galacticat, Ramon Buscaca, the Coordinator of Audiovisual Producers of Catalonia, Marta Forn, and the Treasurer of the organization, Alfonsi Vega, will also attend, who will be accompanied by the Vice-President of the IEI, Estefanía Róvaz, the Director of the Institute of International Education, Andrew Vazquez, as well as representatives of the services. Regional Culture and Government Delegation in Lleida. This event will serve as a Producer Meet with Sitges Film Festival Producers and Galacticat Talent Meet for all established and emerging talents in the audiovisual sector in the Lleida region.

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