January 27, 2023

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Farewell to Elio Sipri, Senior Record Producer and Talent Scout – Music

Farewell to Elio Ciprissi better known as Cipri, one of the biggest record labels and talent scouts in Italian music, father of singer Soria and promoter Giorgio.
He was 74 years old and disappeared in Rome. The announcement of the daughter was made with a post on Instagram.
“It was not easy to say goodbye at all,” Suriya writes on his social media page in the post, accompanied by a photo of his father.
“But I had time to pamper you as I wish these days and we managed to say something to each other. Thanks for everything Dad, I listen and re-listen to the voice messages on our conversation, your voice always reassuring, even when we argue about silly things!! How many memories, how many The nuances of living together.
How would I do without you and our phone calls in the morning!? How am I going to do without my period! I will always miss you forever every day. I love you. Rest in peace beautiful soul, how much love comes from everywhere.”
Elio Cipri started his career in the sixties and in that period he got a place in “Un Disco per l’Estate”. Over time, he has become a point of reference in music communication, as well as a talent scout, sponsoring the press office for many artists and organizing major events in the sector.
Several friends responded to the post, made by his daughter, Surya. Notable among these are Jovanotti (“The Great Sibri”) and Nick (“Elio. Every time we met we loved remembering my beginnings at Fonit Cetra. When you’ve been there and you’ve joined me a thousand times. Hugs to you all in the family. I’m close to you.” )

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