Brussels attack, attacker dead Search for accomplices – News

Brussels attack, attacker dead Search for accomplices – News

Abdel Salam Al-Aswad, the suspected perpetrator of the Brussels attack, died last night from wounds he sustained this morning in…
Shootout with the police. A spokesman for the Federal Prosecutor’s Office confirmed this to ANSA. The police had earlier reported that he had done so Man shot who may be suspect in Brussels bombings. The man was taken to the hospital, where he remained “In intensive care” According to Belgian Interior Minister Anneliese Verlinden. “Everything seems to point to” him being the suspect in last night’s attack in Brussels, known as Abdeslam Al-Aswad. This was confirmed by the Prime Minister of the Brussels-Capital Region, Rudi Vervoort. The man was found in possession of the automatic weapon used during last night’s attack, and during a search operation conducted in Schaerbeek, according to media reports, Several firearms were found. Others were found in a nearby public park. Investigators confirm that one of them may have been the one used to kill the Swedes.

“This morning, shortly after eight o’clock, a witness informed Brussels police that he had discovered the alleged perpetrator of the attack in a liquor store in Schaerbeek.”. The Belgian Federal Public Prosecutor announced this in a memorandum in which he reconstructed the frantic hours it took to arrest Abdel Salam Al-Aswad. “The police intervened immediately. During the intervention, the police fired shots and the suspect was killed – explains the prosecutor -. Emergency services tried to revive him, and he was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead at 9.38 am.” . A weapon and a bag of clothes were found in the bar“.


to’A terrorist attack It struck the heart of the capital of the European Union. The two Swedish fans were killed in the city center by a screaming man ‘Allah is the greatest’ He fired a Kalashnikov rifle after getting off the motorcycle. Immediately after that, according to the first testimonies, the man fled on the same scooter. A witness saw him in a bar and alerted the police. This was reported by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet. The Swedish newspaper explained that there could have been an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and the police. The suspect of committing the attack cannot be ruled out Last night in Brussels, who died this morning after a shootout with the police, Acted alongside accomplices. This was stated by Belgian Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden, Belgian media reported. Two other people are currently wanted by Belgian police. According to the Sudinfo news website, investigators are examining the possibility that he was involved in a terrorist cell.

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Then the prosecutor explained thatPolice are “actively searching” for another person suspected of being an accomplice of the attacker. Investigators are trying to trace the author of the video that records the action taken by the attacker. Meanwhile, the country’s alert level is not diminishing: the Swedish embassy in Belgium has called on citizens of the Scandinavian country to be given the utmost attention. Security has been tightened at IKEA – Swedish-owned – warehouses across Belgium.

In a video clip on Facebook, the attacker claims that he is “taking revenge on Muslims” and that he is a “jihadi among the Muslims.”problems“. football game Belgium-Sweden Canceled for security reasons. the Islamic Council of Belgium He condemned the attack in the strongest terms. the European Union institutions They raised the alert level and closed schools.

video Brussels: Video of the attacker: “Revenge against Muslims”

Abdul Salam Al-Aswad His asylum application was rejected but he then “disappeared from the radar” of the Belgian authorities. This was explained by the Belgian Minister of State for Asylum and Immigration, Nicole D. MooreThis came when he spoke to the press in a press conference held late at night about the attack that occurred in the center of the Belgian capital.

De Moor reported that the man “applied for asylum in our country in November 2019. He received a negative decision in October 2020, and shortly thereafter he disappeared from the radar.” “It was officially removed from the National Municipal Register on 12 February 2021 and therefore cannot be traced to arrange its return. He has never stayed in a federal shelter. He was never brought to the police after being intercepted at the Aliens Office to be allowed to be repatriated. As a result, the order to leave the country, issued in March 2021, was never issued.”

Furthermore, the lions were depicted in a video filmed in 2021 in Genoa. A photo posted on his Facebook profile shows him, now dark, in Piazza della Vittoria, in the center of the Ligurian capital in 2021, most likely during his stay while en route to France. The man is depicted in the foreground and in the background you can see the Arc de Triomphe in Piazza della Vittoria. Digos investigators deemed the extrapolated video truthful.

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Investigations are still underway to verify the lions’ movements. The presence in Genoa will be linked to a staged trip that the alleged Brussels attacker was supposed to undertake two years ago to cross Italy and head to Northern Europe. We are trying to find out how long he spent in the Ligurian capital and what contacts he made. The Tunisian consulate is located near where he was photographed and investigators want to check whether it appears that the man has contacted the offices to obtain some documents. But no black He has also been in Bologna in the past for a period in 2016. In the capital of Emilia, according to the Italian news agency ANSA, he was tracked down and identified by the police. Bologna Police Headquarters announced this today Digos checks all information related to lionswhich will be subject to further investigation and its results will be submitted to the judicial authority.

At the same time, moreover, ISwedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said that Al-Aswad also remained in his country. Emphasizing how important it is to know who is entering your country and the need for greater controls at the EU’s external borders. However, Al-Aswad was not known to the Swedish police.

After the terrorist attack that occurred last night in Brussels. Schools remain openPrime Minister Alexander De Croo announced. De Croo stressed that “according to the analysis conducted by the Coordination and Threat Analysis Organization, there is no specific threat to schools.” After the anti-terrorism alert level was increased by European Union institutions, European schools and European nurseries will remain closed at least all day.

During the night, a reinforced police operation, led by special units, took place on Huart Hamuer Street, in Schaerbeek, at the place where the alleged perpetrator of last night’s attack in Brussels resided, and who is still on the run. . he said that Belgian Federal Prosecutor Frédéric Van Leeuw, in a press conference. Van Liu explained, “The entire building includes about twenty apartments and was completely searched, but the suspect was not found,” noting that “orders were issued to conduct several other investigations that are still ongoing.”

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Belgium summons A National Security Council Until 3 p.m. to re-evaluate the security measures taken following the terrorist attack.

Belgian police were investigating Abdel Salam’s case even before the attack

The case of Abdeslam Al-Aswad, the alleged Brussels attacker, was under investigation by Belgian police even before last night’s terrorist attack. This was explained by Belgian Justice Minister Vincent Van Quickenborn in a late-night press conference.

The alleged attacker was reported, earlier this year, by one of the occupants of an asylum center in Kampen (not far from Antwerp) for threatening him via social media. The complainant also told the police that Abdeslam had already been convicted of terrorism in Tunisia. The Antwerp judicial police then took action and, before the attack occurred in central Brussels, scheduled a meeting on the case on Tuesday. Meanwhile, federal authorities investigated the man’s past in Tunisia, and discovered that the conviction was related to ordinary crimes and not terrorism. Van Quickenborn stressed that this fact ensured that the case would not be dealt with in this manner “A concrete or imminent threat.”

Swedish Prime Minister. “I have never faced such a threat.” Gentiloni: Terrorism will not win

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson declared that “Sweden has never faced such a major threat to its security in the modern era,” describing the attack that killed two of his citizens in Belgium as a “terrorist attack.”

“I would like to express my condolences to the families of the victims of the terrorist attack in Brussels, and my solidarity with Sweden and with the Belgian authorities. Terrorism will not win.” This was stated by EU Commissioner for the Economy, Paolo Gentiloni, upon his arrival at the Ecofin Council in Luxembourg.

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