One hundred UB professors demand the dismissal of the university’s vice president

One hundred UB professors demand the dismissal of the university’s vice president
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more than 100 professors from UB he I signed a letter Addressed to the Rector of UB, among other things, requesting the provisional dismissal of the Vice-Rector of the University, Jordi Matas, who may have sexually harassed the student. correct It has been published This was confirmed by Petevi, who also spoke to two of the signatories, who explained that the letter is the result of anger at the university’s “inaction”.

In the letter, they also ask to do so Conduct an independent investigation into the reported incidents By the student and the evaluation processes for harassment cases are reviewed.

Cleaning responsibilities

Alvaro ChoyA professor of economics at UB explained this “Responsibility must be liquidated.” That is why it is necessary to form one Investigation Committee Independent and of the same opinion François CohenHe is also a professor of economics at the same university, which confirms this “The facts reported are very serious.” and what ‘A clear position is needed from the rectory’.

Choi He shows bewilderment at the silence of the faculty Since “neither the Rector nor the Equality President said anything at all,” he confirms “Every day that passes is worse”. Plus, it guarantees it “incohesive” There is no permission from the university.

This economics professor is like… “Rubiales case” Making sure that the institution does not say anything while there are student crowds and every time “there is more pressure on Vice-Rector Jordi Matas.” He believes that the university “expects this Let the storm pass“With Christmas break in the middle.

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Cases of harassment also affect teachers

NopeCollection of UB messages Like the Union of Catalan Students (SEPC) These days teachers have been criticized “Covering up cases of harassment”. Alvaro Chuy denies that this is the case, and the letter sent to the university president is evidence of this.

He also confirms this “There is a lot of anxiety among teachers.” If responsibilities are cleared, it will help in the future “students feel safe reporting instances of harassment.”

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