US in Beijing: “Adequate attacks on newspapers” and China punishes five US officials

“The press is not treason.” After the arrest of 7 reporters of the latest free newspaper in Hong Kong, which closed its doors after a police raid and killed the hopes of those who still believe in the democratic future of the former British colony, US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen condemns the anti-liberal offensive, reminding the Hong Kong administration and China of freedom of expression and freedom of the press. Access to information provided by independent media is important for a prosperous and secure society. ” But Beijing quickly responded: “Some outside forces have made irresponsible comments on law enforcement in Hong Kong under the guise of media freedom,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a conference yesterday, “which is completely confusing and misleading public opinion.”

The fight for independence in Hong Kong sees renewed opposition from the US and China, and in the wake of US sanctions against Chinese officials for current pressure on the former British colony, another response came to Americans yesterday from Beijing: “counter measures” by former Commerce Secretary Wilbur Rose and the head of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission. Targeted 5 U.S. officers, including Caroline Bartholomew. They will be barred from entering China, Hong Kong and Macau, and – according to the newspaper – transactions with Chinese citizens and companies.

Chung Fui-kyun, former editor-in-chief of the “Stand News” and Kong, Patrick Lam, interim editor-in-chief of the Hong Kin online newspaper, published treasonous publications (aimed at rebellion to overthrow established power). . Defendants were denied bail. Chung, 52, appeared in West Kowloon District Court yesterday; Lam, 34, did not appear in court for health reasons. The publishing company did not send a legal representative. The other four arrested – lawyer Margaret Eng, singer and activist Denise Ho, former board member, and former directors Christine Fong and Zhou Dot-C – were released without charge. Deputy Director Ronson Chan Ron-Singh was released on the day of the trial, just hours after his arrest. The case was renewed on February 25, 2022. “The Department of National Security has also filed a chargesheet against the company for the alleged crime,” said a note from the police forces of the former British colony.

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