At the same time, it presents an electoral program that includes six national emergencies

At the same time, it presents an electoral program that includes six national emergencies

The party and at the same time the party he heads Clara Ponsati I Jordi GruberaToday the electoral program for the elections in Catalonia was presented in Barcelona's Plaça de la Vela de Gracia. The two candidates presented six main points. In this regard, Ponsati stressed that “the country needs a radical change that includes independence and good governance at the same time.”

The first point is a shock plan for Catalan, which includes a dual educational network, paid education for immigrants to learn the Catalan language, the end of the Spanish language on TV3 and Radio Catalunya, as well as the administration not concluding contracts with companies that do not. Respect the language. The second is an economy far removed from the “tourism monoculture” represented by Hard Rock or the Winter Olympics.

The third point is an urgent plan to implement renewable energies, and the fourth is an electoral law that removes the burden from political parties with the open list system, electoral districts and non-provinces, nominal voting for candidates and also for parties and proportionality. Between votes and seats. The fifth is to encourage new leaders who “have no aversion to conflict, enjoy a cohesive professional life outside parties, are uncomplicatedly nationalistic, and whose interests are consistent with the interests of the society they want to represent.”

The last is independence, as they assert that “independence is possible, and we restore lost credibility in politics with facts, address all national emergencies that inevitably lead to conflict, and build a political system capable of sustaining governance and public order after the declaration.” Independence.

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