From the piano de Sorrento to the United States, Abecar is an Italian icon: ask Carmine

The exact word referred to by Trekconi is motopeb, but we like to call it Abecar or worse “Labriello” and “Trod”. The truth is, Carmine, who owns the Piano de Sorrento on the Toronto Peninsula, is bringing his interest in these vehicles overseas as well. “We have been selling monkeys with our company since 1999 and the economy is starting up again. This cute monkey calipino is for weddings and events. Before hiding in the bees as a child, all the bees on the street food, frying, wedding has now become a tourist event. Now it has become a myth for Italy. We have many types of bees that can be transformed in all ways. About 15-20 samples. We sell ordinary beeswax to ice cream parlors and pizzerias. This is our job. ” Carmine Abegar has created a real business around the market, and even tourists – entirely from the United States – who visit the Toronto Peninsula are interested in his purchases. The road made by small cars has been long since 1948, when Piaggio first circulated the car! A few years ago they thought of organizing the first Italian street food meeting with APE CAR in Toronto. In fact, this simple vehicle with appropriate modifications has been modified to suit the offer of street food that has become fashionable in recent years, making it a visiting card to the world’s Sorrento beach.

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