The battery that recharges in 10 minutes is a reality, supercharging comes from China

The battery that recharges in 10 minutes is a reality, supercharging comes from China

The Chinese company CATL seems to have made good on its promise and has come up with a battery with supercharging, which we will soon see on cars.

Super Charge – Motori-news

there Chinese CATL Corporation Announced that she would arrive, at one o’clock Supercharged battery. She mentioned that she would make a battery, with “Autonomy of 1000 kmand yes Recharge from 10% to 80%Just 10 minutes. Now it looks like these batteries will be in soon BusinessAnd we will see them for the first time in BMW and on Volkswagen. This is because Monday German housesthey have one cooperation with the ‘Chinese company. Let’s see what’s new the design of the battery pack, as well Energy batteries.

The new design of these batteries

there frame structure subordinate new batteries will be more flex. This is to allow it Distributing structural loads in the best possible waywhich will serve to to protect battery pack from High temperature. Other than that, it has been attempted Improve ventilation flows. He also seeks to Improved rapid temperature controlgoing to work on New liquid cooling systemthat moves between units. This causes Charging speed improve in a significant way.

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CATL Batteries Will Revolutionize Sustainable Mobility –

these the changes do the batteries managed to getindependence From 1,000 km and packaging 10 minutes from 10% to 80%. lonely Revolution this is for sustainable mobilitythese models must be Equipped for cars from 2023. The New CTP Battery Packs Ready to install Volkswagen group of carswhich may contain a file benefit Not a little. a Revolution so you can satisfy the marketAnd the Client Probably you like themcompared to the other.

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The name of this battery pack and above all the future of this technology

The Batteries tray We said it’s from Type CTPIt is nothing more than an acronym. the name is cell to packwhich is ready to Achieving a power density of 255 W/kg. It’s more big advantage and the Integrated cooling systemwhich, as mentioned, manages Recharge the car in just 10 minutes. Obviously that’s what he told us CATLThen he’ll stand in the street and give us all the answers. there Chinese House However it sure results AchieveAnd he wants to show them with pleasure.

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CATL is ready to open up to new cooperation relations –

The I’m here subordinate Chinese company As we mentioned with Volkswagen and with BMW. The future However, he sees it Connect with German brandsbut Opening up to new clients. We are talking about Teslawhich could open one soon In cooperation with CATL. The first results there will be in 2023but if it was already car manufacturers They want Partnership with China HouseYou see, everyone sees their batteries Better and moreforefront. can anything A revolution in the world of electric carsand maybe more people will pay for itBuy 100% electrified cars.

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