cold from the windows? Mask with MAGICA thermal film (9€)

Now it’s a struggle: you wish – like me – to give windows Enter light. However, from the glasses it passes air the cold This makes the house less isolated. How do you fit? Fortunately, there is definitely a valid system economic which can be assembled independently. It is the “thermal cap”, or thermal film. Transparent and easy to apply to glass, it allows light to pass through but protects from cold and also insulates noise. In short, the perfect solution to increase your home’s heat output without investing a fortune.

Actually, package with 1.7X1.5m board inside You can get it for about 9 euros From Amazon. Shipments are very fast and free, guaranteed by major services.

Thermal film is ideal against the cold

Super simple to installYou can do it yourself in just a few minutes. Designed to avoid being in the dark, it still lets light through, while limiting the passage of cold air to a minimum. For a perfectly insulating effect, the ideal would be to combine this product with foam features, which instead prevents drafts (so that drafts are clear). Super cheap too You can find it cheap on Amazon.

there thermal film Perfect for facing the winter, minimizing Heat dispersion And – above all – getting into a house air the cold. At this price, it’s just the right solution for you windowsespecially given the lack of installation costs.

Complete your application now For a package of 1.7X1.5 meters for only 9 euros from Amazon. Shipments are fast, free and guaranteed by Prime services.

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