“Science and Feelings”, Interviews with researchers at the Readers’ Events Club in Caserta

“Science and Feelings”, Interviews with researchers at the Readers’ Events Club in Caserta

On Saturday November 19th at 7pm at the Capua Readers Club – Cose d’Interni Libri – publication dates of the resume “Science and Feelings”, informal meetings with researchers curated by Domenico DiMasi. Guest Angelo Facchiano, researcher at the National Research Council’s Food Science Institute for a meeting titled “Like a Cabbage Snack.”

Food accompanies us every day, following the traditions and rituals that are repeated in the kitchens of each home according to deadlines established over time, but also sometimes being open to “experiments”.

Also, human nutrition is the product of scientific and technological progress that made him choose certain foods, preferring to prepare them according to recipes that constitute procedures that do not differ from those used in a chemistry or biology laboratory. We will talk about some common expressions, and studies about molecules in food and their impact on our health.

Angelo Faciano is a researcher at the Institute of Food Sciences of the National Research Council. Napolitan, graduated in chemistry in 1991 and continued his postgraduate studies with a major and a PhD in biochemistry. He has been involved in the study of proteins for more than thirty years. He has held courses in different Italian universities and has been a master’s degree lecturer in Biology at the University of Salerno for ten years. It participates in science dissemination events, in the form of conferences for insiders and events aimed at a wider audience (Science Festival, Genoa; Futuro Remoto, Naples; Museum of Science and Technology, Milan; Expo 2015; Pint of Science; Europe Researchers Night). At the same time, he was from birth an avid user of music, television, film, theatre, literature, museums and archaeological sites. Thinking that they are not immiscible elements, he tries to talk about science (but only what he knows, and therefore little) and mix them with the arts (which he knows less), and manages not to satisfy the enthusiasts of the same. in another way.

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