They buy fresh and precious cherries, as soon as they find out the price they remain motionless

They buy fresh and precious cherries, as soon as they find out the price they remain motionless

The price of fresh cherries, as we know, is never low. However, this time the cost is something really extraordinary.

There are some Very soft cherry Which is in fact worth a lot more than one might imagine. The price is amazing.

summer fruit

the Cherryalong with StrawberryThey can definitely be considered the queens of the summer.

Cherry (Pexels) –

In fact, they are two very popular fruits, which, moreover, appeal to everyone, both adults and children. Whatever it was, one must not forget it during Summer season There are many other interesting fruits.

In particular, two more highly regarded the Watermelon and watermelon. Then, again, for example, we can find peachthe medlarsthe plumand so on.

the Cherryin this case, really appropriate to set up Desserts from the oven and fridge. In fact, you can make delicious pancakes, cakeAnd cheese cake and even nannies And nannies.

Moreover, even the most creative chefs will suit Cherry Also AI Delicious dishesusually meat.

Be that as it may, apart from the many qualities of cherries, there is a drawback, however, that does not make our wallets happy. In short, these special fruits are Good, versatile, rich in vitaminsHowever, unfortunately, they are very expensive.

In fact, if you enter any supermarket, you will immediately notice that it is one of the most expensive fruits.

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So, if you are not right PugliaWhich is considered the best producer of cherries, the prices are often disproportionate.

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By the way, with Decreased purchasing power These days, of course, not many can afford to bring home a handful of them.

Fresh cherries at an incredible price

the CherryAs we know, in many regions of Italy it is not sold at low prices, on the contrary, for some it is almost exorbitant.

Juno Heart Cherry Box (Facebook) –

Nobody knows why in Japan The fruit is expensive, but the reason is curious. In particular, an auction was recently held where one Fifteen cherries were considered valuable 500 thousand yen which is equivalent in euros more than 3 thousand euros.

In this case, this is a cherry from Variety Juno Heart, which is considered a luxury and luxurious product. Moreover, in the rising sun, it can also be a gift to receive this special fruit auspicious sign.

The name by which he refers to these cherries, to be exact, is Aomori’s heartbeat Precisely because of its shape, which reminds of the shape of a heart.

Secondly, the label refers to the fact that this variety was developed in a Aomori City Research Center.

After that, it can be added that the cherry flavor in question is sweetwhich has Extra large sizeAnd, according to the standards, they should have more than that 2.8 cm in diameter and content sugar 20 degrees.

Moreover, according to the most insiders, there were many chests in the auction this year, already more than a hundred.

Finally, the person who won the auction runs it candies shop Hence, you will use these special cherries to make good summer cakes.

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