What is the premium threshold

What is the premium threshold

Health care expenses are one of the most important items to include on your tax return and because they are a very incidental cost in terms of tax deductions. Moreover, in some cases the discount can be paid in installments. Let’s see together in detail.

The medical expenses represent a Accidents cost too much in terms of tax deductions It is also necessary to be careful when the advertisement is completed with the extension Form 730 / pre-filled or withAccountants help And the Adequate.

Moreover, it may be interesting to evaluate threshold They are accessed through medical expenses, where they can be tapped at some point installments.

Let’s see together in detail.

Declaration: deductible health expenses

Writing - gbfc7726c3_1920in a seat tax declaration You can lead to deductible The 19% of the costs incurred in:

  • Services provided by a general practitioner including homeopathic medical examinations and treatments
  • Buy Homeopathic Over-the-Counter and Prescription Medicines
  • Specialized Services
  • Analyzes, radiological investigations, research and applications, treatments
  • surgical performance
  • Hospitalization for inpatients or related to surgical interventions
  • organ transplant
  • Spa treatments excluding travel and accommodation expenses
  • Purchase or rental of medical devices and health equipment (including hygienic prosthetics).

Further, the following are deducted at the same 19% Specific assistance costs:

  • Nursing care and rehabilitation (eg, physical therapy, kinesiotherapy, laser therapy, etc.)
  • Services provided by personnel with a professional qualification of basic assistance or technical operator
  • Assistance dedicated exclusively to direct assistance to a person
  • Services provided by individuals who coordinate essential assistance activities
  • Services provided by qualified personnel of a professional teacher
  • Services provided by qualified personnel dedicated to animation and occupational therapy activities.
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The health costs Previously included in the tax return forAmount over €129.11.

Medical expenses: premium limit

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there Threshold for medical and health costs Then you can take advantage of installments is equal to €15,493.71 total withholding amount of €129.11 In the case of health costs to taxpayers and dependent family members. In this case, discounts can be Divided into four annual installments of the same amount.

The maximum stipulated health discount Unpaid expenses of family members But she suffers from diseases The exemption is equal to 6,197.48 euros, Only for the part of the expenses that does not find the capacity of IRPEF due to the person with pathology.

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