You could lose all your money, here’s how

You could lose all your money, here’s how

On the web, buying products is now a very common practice. Also used. But the danger is around the corner. The online scam to watch out for.

Many developments technology It has led to continuous use of the web platform. In fact, there are many situations in which the user indulges himself. Among these are online purchases. There are many websites that offer new but also used products. In addition, some sites even allow ordinary people to sell their own products.


surely, Internet It has greatly improved our daily life. Now it is possible, in fact, to perform transactions with just a few clicks. In some cases, one is sufficient. You can really buy everything, and for this reason, more and more users are attracted to the many offers available. especially during pandemicOnline purchases have seen a very significant growth.

However, as we all know, the stakes are always high when it comes to digital interactions and transactions with our data. Just think that this is enough in some cases Text message to scammers to hit the poor victim. But this time, we will shed light on the situation that has occurred in the past few weeks. This pertains to some applications that allow you to sell your own product, and therefore it is used. Let’s find out the details of this online scam.

Online scam, product never shipped: this is how scammers act

Several developments have made it possible to buy from virtually anywhere. From home via your computer but also on the go via apps. It is precisely on this last factor that completely unpleasant situations are highlighted. L ‘National Consumers AssociationIn fact, it has received many reports.

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there It’s downsides He’s working with the criminal who embezzled another ad. Then, we will have the published photos of the product, once it has caught the attention of the potential victim, it will suggest to proceed with the payment. Once the transaction occurs, the scam is completed. However, this results in the victim not seeing the purchased product.

Of course, in order not to fall into the trap, the advice is not to buy something. But you must pay special attention. In spite of scammers Studying any detail, something is always lost. For this, we try to ask the seller for more information about the product. Also because, usually, not much is written in the information. Another important step is to ask about Photo for the product. In the case of fraud, as we can imagine, the criminal will not be able to take pictures. In the end, we completely avoid posting Our data. We pay with solutions that are easily traceable so that, in the event that there is no difficulty in reporting.

As always, we must be careful with any details about the web. In no time we could be at the center of a scam that makes us lose everything. In this regard, a few weeks ago We talked about the fake accident scam. Even then, one connection can change everything.

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