Free PS5 and PS4 Games Announced by Sony –

Official announcement of free games for PS5 and PS4 from PlayStation Plus arrives, in connection with March 2022: we see an offer for subscribers.

Sony today announced i PS5 and PS4 games for free For subscribers a PlayStation Plus which will be available at March 2022. There are four titles, one more of tradition, namely Ark: Survival Evolved, Ghostrunner, Team Sonic Racing and Ghost of Tsushima: Legends.

Free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers in March 2022 will be available for download starting from Tuesday 1 March 2022 For the following platforms:

  • Ark: Survival Evolved for PS4
  • Ghostrunner for PS5
  • Team Sonic Racing for PS4
  • Ghost of Tsushima: Legends for PS5 and PS4

Therefore, the leak that actually surfaced in the past few hours has been largely confirmed, which also confirms how reliable the Billbil-kun source remains. Anyway, there is nowofficial announcement From Sony regarding the upcoming games in March, which we now see in more detail.

We also remind you that you have until Monday, February 31st to redeem the free games from PS Plus in February 2022, which are Deep Rock Galactic, Dirt 5 and Persona 5, as well as the three PlayStation VR games that entered the subscription catalog in November, which are UFC 4, Planet Coaster and Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: a unique adventure in Wonderland.

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, game picture

It comes somewhat suddenly Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, considering the distribution as a standalone version of the multiplayer mode of Sucker Punch which was a huge success as an expansion of the main title. Legends shares the setting and fighting mechanics of Ghost of Tsushima but offers a different experience as it is based on multiplayer.

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In Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, we find ourselves choosing a character that belongs to one of the four available classes and launching ourselves into missions with a structured two-player story, or horde-style missions in progressive waves of enemies for four players and raids for a maximum of more than 4 fighters. All of these missions can still be played in one player.


Ghostrunner, screenshot showing cyberpunk setup
Ghostrunner, screenshot showing cyberpunk setup

Developed by One More Level and Slipgate Ironworks with 3D worlds, Gustrner It is an action adventure with a sci-fi cyberpunk setting of fast-paced, adrenaline-inducing action in which we play a fighter bent on running, jumping, and wall-moving in a combination of complex level mobility and combative skills.

To get to know it better, we refer you to our Ghostrunner review we published at the time of its release last year, noting that it’s a title in which game flow and lightning-fast gameplay are key to the experience.

Sonic Racing Team

Team Sonic Racing as a game
Team Sonic Racing as a game

There is always room for arcade kart racing, especially when playing in multiplayer mode. Sonic Racing Team It’s Sega’s answer to the iconic Mario Kart, but it’s still a title with a great identity, thanks to the series’ historic cast centered around the company’s icon.

Following the canon typical of the sub-genre in question, it’s all about racing on twisty and stunning tracks, focusing on driving skills but also on strategy in the use of power-ups. 15 characters within the cast give you access to different vehicles and stats, with the ability to participate in the game in different modes between single and multiplayer players obviously.

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Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved, image of the game
Ark: Survival Evolved, image of the game

Having become a true popular phenomenon, Ark: Survival Evolved is a first-person action game with elements of survival, set in a strange dimension where dinosaurs coexist with highly advanced technologies, creating a strange mixture of situations.

Some of the existing creatures can be tamed and used by players as carriers and allies, but most dinosaurs are aggressive and must be fought with appropriate strategies and weapons. At the same time, it is necessary to explore the environment and collect the necessary resources for survival.

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