The Iliad is more appropriate: there are three secret performances that not everyone knows about

The Iliad is more appropriate: there are three secret performances that not everyone knows about

The Iliad is ready to wow customers too in light of summer with three new and incredibly convenient secret offerings

In the Italian market for a few years, Iliad, the French telephone operator, has been captivating users with increasingly advantageous offers.

With its competitive pricing and range of options that adapt to different needs, Iliad continues to disrupt the mobile communications market and maintain its position among the best service providers.

Always useful offers

Customers can choose from affordable packages with large amounts of data, ensuring that they get the services they need at attractive rates. Since the Iliad continues Maximum And by proposing attractive offers, customers will benefit from the increasing competition in this sector.

In particular, three new very comfortable “secret” offers were launched for the current month of June. We define it as “secret” because it was not expected by an advertising campaign by the manager, but it is possible to find it starting from now until the end of the month on the official website and in all approved sales points.

So let’s analyze this New promotions Which will once again put pressure on all competitors of the French telecom provider. We remind you that they are available to everyone, not only to new subscribers, but also and above all to old customers.

flash 200

With its low-cost Flash 200 plan, Iliad cements its position as one of the best options on the market. Old Iliad customers know this price and its advantages very well, which is why it is not included in the three new secret promotions, but this month it will be possible to get it at an unprecedented offer.

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Iliad Flash 200 promotional image

In fact, for the month of June, the Flash 200 plan can only be activated at a price 9.99 euros to all customers. This package provides unlimited calls to all numbers, SMS to any recipient, and 200 GB of internet data, including access to 5G networks.

Although the Flash 200 is the main option of the Iliad offer and will be available until June 15, the French provider has also offered other tariffs for its subscribers.

100 GB

Among the Iliad’s secret promotions, the Giga 100 plan stands out, at only € 7.99.

At just under €10 per month, the Giga plan includes 100 Unlimited calls To landline and mobile numbers, SMS to all contacts, 100GB of 5G internet data and an additional 6GB for roaming in EU countries. The latter option is ideal during this period, when many are ready to leave for other countries.

Sound only

We’ve seen all previous offerings focus primarily on network usage, with 200GB and 100GB available, respectively. But Iliad also comes to meet whom It does not require a mobile connection And use the phone for calls only.

The Iliad

In addition to these options, in fact, Iliad also offers a specific promotion for those who particularly need voice calls. The Voice Only plan costs money 4.99 euros every thirty days and allows you to make calls to all fixed and mobile numbers in Italy. Perfect, for example, for the phone of an elderly person who just needs to call friends and relatives, but does not know how to use the connection.

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Data 300

The Iliad also thinks about those who, on the contrary, do not really use phone calls. After all, with modern applications it is possible to make calls even without a phone tariff, for example by calling via WhatsApp using only the Internet connection.

So, the Iliad offer is complemented by a rechargeable plan designed for users who need a large amount of internet data. Plan Data 300 It offers 300 GB of internet connection at a monthly cost of €13.99.

We remind you that all these offers can be viewed and activated on the official website:

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