Vintage Walkmans from the 80s and 90s: You can have these at home and they're worth a fortune

Vintage Walkmans from the 80s and 90s: You can have these at home and they're worth a fortune

Some vintage Walkmans dating back to the 1980s and 1990s can command a real fortune today. Here are the numbers.

About 30 years ago, there were many inventions that entered the lives of each of us, becoming real technological things that we cannot do without. Things that, even if we did not think were possible at the time, could be worth a much higher amount today than the amount spent to purchase them.

How much are old Walkmans worth?

Just think about it Old cell phones, electronic devices that were very different from the ones we have today and characterized by a much smaller number of functions. Despite these characteristics, collectors are willing to go to great lengths to find them among their possessions.
A similar situation for those who love video games who can You have treasure in the attic Without even knowing it. But what are we talking about?

Treasure hidden behind old Walkmans and video games

There are many electronic devices dating back several years that are now worth a fortune. Just think of the legendary nokia 33100, An incomparable and indestructible mobile phone that managed to go down in history precisely because inside it was a game that we all played at least once in our lives, the famous snake game. Today, whoever is keen to preserve them and decides to sell them, may be able to take one of them home The figure is about 300 euros.

How much is an old Walkman worth?
Today the Walkman is worth 600 euros –

Let's move on next Game Boy colorsomething that collectors seek at any cost and are willing to do Spend up to €1,500 To be in your hands. Let's move on to something very rare but initially not very appreciated by those who know video games. We are now talking about Cube gamethat is, a Nintendo console that was pulled from the market very quickly but today you see a The value is approximately 1500 euros.

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Continuing the theme of video games, too Nintendo1 I was able to define an era, and the era that sees all design in grey, has The value is about 1000 euros. The value is that dream of blossom, Another console that managed to appear for a short time, this is an electronic device that began the sixth generation of games in 1998.

Among the various religious objects of the 1990s we also find First generation iPodi.e. Apple's MP3 file which currently contains a With a value of 1000 euros. Instead of that, First iPhone Created by Steve Jobs in 2007, today it is a true collector's item to the point that they are willing to spend even 10 thousand euros.

Another gem for fans of the genre Sony too for whom The value is about 600 euros Although the value of the Nintendo 64 is much higher, it was the console that at the time started the revolution among gamers. So let us remember ghetoplast, Something we've seen in many movies worth today, just like nintendo 64, It's about to 2000 euros. Moving on to video games, we know that they are definitely one of the most expensive games Mario Kart 64the address sees an approximate value 2000 euros.

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