Little-Known Trick to Free Up Space in Your Google Account

Little-Known Trick to Free Up Space in Your Google Account

If you want to free up space on your Google account, you don’t have to waste a lot of hours: with this little-known trick, you’ll be able to do it in an instant.

Our smartphones have almost unlimited possibilities: these devices are able to provide great assistance for every daily activity. Knowing all the functions is not easy at all, but the basic ones are now permanently present in our mobile phones. We all (probably) have a Google account: through this wonderful membership, we will have access to it 15 GB for management For very important apps like Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail.

Google Photos is an impressive service: every photo that passes through your smartphone will end up in this specific space (called Google Photos). Even if you change your cell phone model, through your Google account you can easily get all the old photos from your old cell phone. However, with Drive, you can manage your workgroup very easily and without much effort. On the other hand, Gmail is a portal through which you can send or receive emails with just a few clicks. Unfortunately, there may come a time when you don’t have much space left in your Google Account: Today we want to suggest a little-known trick to do just that.

Little-Known Trick to Free Up Space on Your Google Account: Crazy

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When that moment comes when you have to deal with the empty space in your Google account, some features will be reduced: for example, you will no longer be able to receive emails, you will no longer be able to back up to Google Photos and you will no longer be able to add new files to Drive. It is certainly a great advantage to know how to free up space in a few moments. First, Connect to your account on your computer and open Google One. Click on “View” and then on “Free up space”: Open the preferred category and press “Review and Clean”. After selecting the file in question, you can also decide to transfer it to your computer to download it to your desktop and free up space on your mobile phone.

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The same goes for Google Photos (which probably takes up the most space of all): download the photos directly to your computer and delete them from your Google account. Once you put them in the trash, don’t forget to delete them permanently. With this PC trick, You will be able to save space in record time and without much effort. Always try not to reach the limit: When backup is stopped, and you free up space, you will probably notice a new change after a few minutes. In fact, Google Photos will resume the backup process and take up space again.

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