The Snitch says goodbye to leaks and retirements, and that’s what it’s going to do now –

The Snitch says goodbye to leaks and retirements, and that’s what it’s going to do now –

The gaming world is full of leakers, people who – one way or another – gain access to confidential information and decide to share it publicly. Love them or hate them, they are a natural part of this market. Obviously, what matters is that they are reliable and accurate. It was one of the most reliable snitch, which through its Twitter account revealed various news through (more or less) enigmas and cryptic references. Now, however, the passenger He decided to retire And move on to other activities i.e. his Discord channel.

The snitch has been released Interview with insider-gaming.comSpeaking to another known leaker: Tom Henderson. In the interview he said the following, when asked why he decided to step down.

“If you’re paying attention, I’ve never leaked anything related to small studios. I am fully aware of the damage even a small, simple leak can do to the work of people who have dedicated many months or years to the game. In fact, we can say that I have devoted myself to giving clues to users to speculate, rather than making direct leaks.”

“You will feel narcissistic and intrusive, but I’m sure I even helped some of the events gain more exposure. It’s been a very exciting year and 2023 is shaping up to be a great year, with a number of great games, but let’s face it, It’s not funny anymore [per me] New ads leaked.

Ultimately, users just want to know when GTA IV will be released or if Messi will be a new character in Fortnite. It’s one thing. I am not interested. Secondly, I am a very busy person. Before my first tweet, my relationship with this social network [Twitter] It was small. Even the day I created my Discord server, it was a real disaster due to my ignorance in understanding the importance of these platforms. So I want to focus on new projects and at the moment I am very satisfied with the community I have created on Discord.

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Then he was asked Because he decided to start sharing leaks. Then the snitch said: “The main idea was to release ‘Overdose’, so that on the day of the official announcement of this new Hideo project I could show it to my friends between beers and have a laugh.” I saw the reception it was getting and I wanted to do more.”

The next question was related to your choice of Share tips instead of leaks Reality. The Snitch said, “Because that’s the funny thing. What’s the point of posting: ‘Final Fantasy: Rebirth is coming to X platforms?'” Yes, I can make money, maybe get 10,000 new followers and an ego boost, but it’s not funny. Nothing beats posting a tweet and having everyone come up with crazy new ideas about what that could mean.”

The latest and we assume the last leak of The Snitchwhich you can see above, dates back to December 6, 2022 and expect the arrival of an announcement for Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores, then the DLC was already presented at The Game Awards.

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