Fratesse: “Milan? I only wanted Inter. A very strong team. Inzaghi is great…”

Fratesse: “Milan? I only wanted Inter. A very strong team. Inzaghi is great…”

“Friends and neighbors in the locker room. Even if we do not agree on our desires. He likes good wine, and I like Coca-Cola.”

If Italy participates in the European Championship, it will also be thanks to its brace in the qualifiers against Ukraine. What emotions did you feel?

“Crazy joy. I am attached to my country, and I care about it. A few days later came the derby with Milan, where I scored my first goal with the Nerazzurri. I was in a state of ecstasy. A week from God, to quote one of my favorite movies. As for the rest, I like the dinosaurs, monsters and superheroes.”

Who is his roommate at the blue resort?

“Skamaka, for a hundred years. We do the math, since our youth we’ve spent at least 700 days in a room together. “He is an ideal companion: he falls asleep immediately, rarely snores, and if he does, he stops at the first pillow.”

Fourteen years ago you were together in Lazio, then in Rome and Sassuolo. Now in the national team.

“It’s fate. Usually, he comes to the team and I follow him. When I signed for Inter, I said to him: Skama, this time it’s your turn to join me. Instead he chose Atalanta, and he is happy with that.”

From this season we remember his confrontations with Theo in the derbies. Would you like to repeat it at the European Championships?

“I live for duels with good players, actors and loved by their fans. But France is strong and I would gladly avoid that.”

With Aslani, Augusto and Arnautovic at Inter, I promised that whoever scored would give a gift to the other three. How did it go?

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“Once I made the bet, I started scoring!” “I’m late for the count, and they’re going to give me the bill.”

What do you dream of as a football player?

“I want everything: the European Cup and the World Cup with Italy, and the Champions League with Inter.”

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