U-20 World Cup – Colombia U-20-Italy U-20 1-3, Baldanzi and Cassidy appear: the Azzurri in the semi-finals

U-20 World Cup – Colombia U-20-Italy U-20 1-3, Baldanzi and Cassidy appear: the Azzurri in the semi-finals
Nunziata’s Italy knock out Colombia and deserve to reach the semi-finals of the U-20 World Cup. The blue team beats the cafeteria and plays a perfect match, led by Baldanzi and Cassady. However, all the national team played an excellent match and the semi-final is the proper reward for such a great performance. South Americans, on the other hand, were not so concrete and often anarchic: Italian sarcasm was combined with a game of bubbly at both stages. The dream is now not only legitimate, but almost a duty.


Colombia U.20 – Italy U.20 1-3

Under-20 World Cup

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01/06/2023 at 09:24

Colombia U20 (4-2-3-1): Marquinez. Ocampo (Luna 45), Mantilla, F. Alvarez, Salazar; J. Torres (70 Hurtado), Puerta; Manyuma (45 Tanton), Asprilla, Curtis (92 Monsalve); Angel (84′ Castillo). i: Cardenas.

Italy U20 (4-3-1-2): goes down[عامة]Zanotti, Guarino, Gilardi and Torricia; Bratty, Young (60′ Lib), Cassady; Baldanzi (96′ Fontanarossa); Ambrosino (69′ Montefago), Esposito (96′ degli Innocenti). i: nunziata.

to rule: Salman Ahmad Falahi (Qatar).

Goal: 9′ Cassady, 38′ Baldanzi, 46′ Esposito, 49′ Torres.

Helps: 9′ Baldanzi, 38′ Casadei, 46′ Baldanzi.

Top: 63′ Mantilla for a handball, 76′ Hurtado for a foul on the goalkeeper with dangerous play, 82′ and 83′ Puerta and Casadei for a tip to fight, 84′ Montefago for a foul on Castillo, 91′ Prati for sending the ball wide, 97′ for Innocent.

NB: Recover +2′, +10′.

News in 7 key moments

9′ Italy goal! Baldanzi’s corner is perfect for Cassidy’s header who, thanks to Marquinez’s flawless exit, scores behind the Colombian goalkeeper.

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34′ Angels Chance! After several mistakes, the Colombian striker finds a loophole in the area and shoots from a narrow angle: Desplanche, who parries 1-1 with the help of the crossbar, saves.

38′ Italy double! An excellent cross from Giovanni to Cassidy, who makes a pass to Baldanzi: the blue team doubles it.

46′ TRIS ITALY! Ambrosino hits Baldanzi with a ball to Esposito and hits an excellent back heel from the latter.

49′ Colombia’s goal! Torres scores a wonderful goal from outside the area after a very frantic work.

53′ Polo of Casady! Baldanzi serves the blue attacker again, who hits the post. Then Young is shattered.

58′ gets rid of the Baratheon! Once again neutralizing Angel, treacherously deduced about the counterattack.

The social moment of the match

The best

Baldenzi: Nunziata’s entire team deserves this honor today more than ever, but he proved to be a thorn in the side for the Colombians with two assists and a 96′ goal. The Empoli player is an absolute champion at this level.

the worst

courtsHe was overshadowed by the excellent Zanotti, described by many as the most dangerous player in Colombia, and made no decisive impression.

Mancini: “Italy is not a team yet but these young players have a future”

Under-20 World Cup

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