Francesca De Andre emergency surgery: “They found masses in my uterus, and I can no longer have children”

Francesca De Andre emergency surgery: “They found masses in my uterus, and I can no longer have children”

After the violence of the ex-partner. Francesca DAndre Another dramatic moment. Cristiano De Andre’s daughter underwent a bilateral salpingectomy to remove some masses from her uterus. “I wasn’t feeling well, I felt something was wrongFrancesca said on Instagram that she had returned to contact with her followers after a month-long absence.

His disappearance from social media raised suspicions among the most loyal fans, but no one could have imagined it Calvary Which Francesca De Andre had to face in August, when she discovered that she had a serious infection. “It was Friday. I went to the ultrasound appointment and it turned out they had found “lumps” which they immediately had to remove as quickly as possible and analyze them with a biopsy‘, the showgirl revealed in her latest post, where she shared photos she snapped at hospitalwhich documents the intervention.

treatment in Milan

For Pistoia Hospital doctors, Francesca should have been hospitalized immediately to undergo initial treatment with high-dose intravenous antibiotics to reduce the severe inflammation inwomb Then he underwent emergency surgery. But the showgirl signed off and returned to her home in Milan, where she was suffering from an illness: “So I went to the emergency room of Mangyagali clinic. There, after reading the various reports that I had brought with me, they decided to admit me to the hospital immediately, start intravenous treatment and then operate on me.A few days later, Cristiano D’Andre’s daughter was exposed Bilateral salpingectomy To remove the fallopian tubes, some suspicious masses are also removed during surgery.

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A bitter confession about children

The showgirl chose to tell what happened to her only now as she was about to leave the hospital. “I am still waitingoutcome from some exams. Benign or malignant? “I am and I want to stay positive. It has been proven that in these cases the state of mind matters a lot, so everything will be fine.”Francesca wrote on Instagram, returning to talk about the urgent consequences of the operation she underwent. “I realized that I could no longer have children naturally. But I risked, because of my situation, that they would have to remove everything…everything that meant I would have stayed completely disinfected. So I went to GodHe added, thanking all the workers in the ward where he spent a long time, and his thoughts turned to the people he met in the hospital, with whom he faced the delicate period between anxiety and smiles.

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