What does not add – Libero Quotidiano

What does not add – Libero Quotidiano

How are things really between michelle hunziker and Tommaso Trussardi? In the past few hours, the showgirl has appeared on social networks in the company of her children. As shown on Instagram, Hunziker is spending a lot of time with Aurora Ramazzotti, who is pregnant, and will be making her first grandmother in a few months. A joy also shared with Eros Ramazzotti. With Hunziker, in what he described as “family moments”, were also his daughters Sole and Celeste, fathered by Tomaso Trussardi, and Goffredo Cerza. But many note one major absence in the picture: only the absence of Trussardi.

where have you been? After a family lunch, Hunziker posted a photo with the caption, “Come back, we’re ruined,” a snap that made fans even more skeptical of who they’d like to see the pair reunite. Indeed, neither Hunziker nor Trussardi himself confirmed their closeness. A circumstance that once again opened rumors about a possible separation of the two.

Surely the story between Michele and Tommaso has become a real gossip mystery. One thing’s for sure: For now, Hunziker is focusing on the pregnant Aurora, leaving aside the gossip on her private side. After Aurora was born, things were likely to be a lot clearer.

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