EU stock markets cautious as Chinese exports slow. In the light of the general, Vinico slips

EU stock markets cautious as Chinese exports slow.  In the light of the general, Vinico slips

(El Sol 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) – Sitting under the banner of caution for managers European stock exchanges After new concerns aboutAmerican inflationwhich emerged from the August ISM indicators related to the tertiary sector and manufacturing, and the new decline in Chinese export and import (although to be expected). Asian stock markets fell sharply (-0.7% in Tokyo, a drop of more than 1 percentage point in Hong Kong and Shanghai), while Wall Street actually ended trading in negative territory on the eve of the deal. European macro indicators are also unsupportive with German Industrial Production falling more than expected in July. However, in the afternoon, the focus will be on the US weekly jobless claims and, above all, in the evening on public speeches by two non-voting members of the Fed. At Avary Square, after the initial uncertainty, it was done ftsimipin addition to other big names in the Old Continent, from Frankfurt (Dax 30) In Paris (CAC 40(via London)FT-C 100) and Madrid (IBEX 35).

Tear Todd after the bills. In view of my general and tim

In Afari Square, the center of attention Italy contacts With negotiations between the government and KKR in view of the show being on the network expected by the end of the month. Among oil companies, sales rose Eni Which launched the offering of “high-quality unsecured” 7-year convertible bonds with a nominal amount of 1 billion euros. Among the worst BBM Bank, STMicroelectronics And Nixie. Among the best generals, trinity, In the And Unipol After moving to rise in the capital Bob Sonder Bank. lose height MBS Bank After the recent collapse linked to fears that part of the shares owned by the Treasury Department would be put on the market. Outside Ftse Mib, it lights up Todd After the half-year accounts (30.9 million profit), the club is weak Juventus Club Following the decision of the Court of Cassation, which decided to refer the trial regarding the accounts of Juventus Club to the Court of Rome.

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Finecobank slides with deposit outflows higher than expectations

At the same time, there is a decline in stocks finkobank After August harvest data. In fact, net deposits amounted to 648 million euros (343 million euros a year ago) and experts consider them positive, however, they point the finger at this combination: in particular, they emphasize the above expected outflows in deposits that led to a negative balance of 517 million. . According to one investment house, deposits could come under further pressure in the coming weeks in light of the launch of the new bank PTP value From the treasury expected at the beginning of October.

For China -8.8% exports in August, Germany slowed down

Chinese exports fell again in August for the fourth straight month, hurt by a slowdown in demand from abroad due to a slowing global economy. According to data published by Chinese Customs, dollar exports in August fell by 8.8% annually, which is however less negative than the -14.5% recorded in July. In any case, last month’s result is in line with analysts’ estimates. China’s trade balance fell in August to $68.3 billion from $80.6 billion in the previous month. industrial production in GermanyOn the other hand, it fell by 0.8% monthly in July according to data released by Destatis. Analysts estimated a more contained contraction of 0.2 percent. Industrial production recorded -1.8% but construction rebounds (+2.6%).

Slow spread at 174 pips, yield 4.39%

The Fixed Income sector in the MTS distance moved slightly. Italian government bonds move in tandem with other “underlying” sovereign bonds and Margins With the Bonds confirmed in line with the indications provided on the eve. After the first trades, the yield spread between the Italian 10-year index and German securities of the same duration was quoted at 174 basis points from 175 basis points at the close on the eve of that day. The 10-year BTP yield is 4.39% compared to the previous closing yield indicated at 4.40%.

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