At least 16 killed in Israeli attack on UN school in central Gaza Strip

At least 16 people were killed and 75 others injured on Saturday in an Israeli air force attack on a UN school in Gaza City. Nuseirat refugee campCentral Gaza Strip.

It is Al-Jaouni School UNRWAthe United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, where Between 2,000 and 7,000 people are seeking refuge. Displaced, according to UN and Hamas figures, indicating a new displacement “a horrible massacre” Committed by the Israeli “occupation army”.

We saw the bodies of children.This was a playground for kids, and here was a trampoline, and there were some swings.” Ayman Al-Atouneha resident of the area.

Civilians diedThis is a UN school, it is supposed to be a safe place for people and should never be the target of any attack.

Gaza residents look at the destruction caused by an Israeli attack on a U.N. school (Reuters/Ramadan Abed)

“It should be safe for us, but it turns out it’s not,” There is no safe place in GazaA,” he adds. Umm Bilal MuslihA woman who sought refuge with Al-Jaouni.

UNRWA also says it provides the Israeli military “twice a day” with “coordinates of schools housing displaced people.”

However, the Israel Defense Forces They claim that Al-Jaouni SchoolIt served as a hideout and operational infrastructure. from which attacks were launched” against his forces.

They explained in a statement that they “attacked a number of terrorists working in buildings located in the area of ​​the Jaouni School” and that they did so based on data collected by the Israeli army and intelligence services.

They also stressed that “many measures have been taken.” Mitigating the risk of harm to civilians“They again accuse Hamas of using civilians as human shields.

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For its part, Hamas says that this is the “43rd massacre” committed by the Israeli army in the Nuseirat camp, where about 250,000 residents and displaced persons are gathered.

158 journalists killed

The attack on the UNRWA school, which took place in the evening, was not the only attack that took place on Saturday in Gaza, nor was it the only one in Nuseirat.

Hours ago, 25 people were killed in attacks launched by the Israeli army on several camps and towns in the middle of the Strip, in Gaza City in the north, and also in Rafah in the south.

Among the dead were five journalists, bringing the total number of journalists killed since the start of the Israeli offensive on October 7 to 158. Also Two UNRWA workerskilled in Al-Bureij, as reported by this UN agency.

Nine months of war

This Sunday marks nine months since the war in Gaza began on October 7, following a Hamas incursion into Israeli territory that killed nearly 1,200 people, most of them civilians, and during which 251 people were captured and abducted to the Palestinian territories.

Of these, just over half have been released, but 116 remain in Hamas hands, including 42 who are already dead.

At the time, the Israeli military reported, 324 soldiers killed.

As for the In Gaza, more than 38,000 people have died.In these nine months, the vast majority were civilians, including thousands of children. Hamas’s tally on Saturday included 38,098 dead and 87,705 wounded.

The Israeli military says at least a third of the Palestinians killed were Hamas members.

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An Israeli soldier is deployed in the southern Gaza Strip in front of some destroyed buildings (Reuters/Ohad Zwijnberg)

A large portion of Gaza’s 2.3 million people are displaced people who have seen their homes destroyed or damaged, and who are forced every day to try to find food in their homes. Markets are completely out of stock. And they also have Difficulty in obtaining drinking water.

a lot Basic infrastructure has been affected.and also 57% of agricultural land, according to data from Food and Agriculture Organizationthe Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, andOnosatUnited Nations Satellite Centre.

Other FAO data provide an example of the scale of the devastation in the Gaza Strip: In 2022, Gaza farmers exported produce such as strawberries and tomatoes worth more than $44.6 million (more than €41.1 million) especially in the Israeli-occupied West Bank; since October 7, the number has fallen to zero.

The damage caused by the bombing of agricultural lands is expected to be long-term. Lars BromleyUNOSAT analyst, L “huge pocket” From removing the projectiles, where “every centimeter of soil” will have to be examined before farmers can return to it.

Efforts to cease fire

The tenth month of the war in Gaza begins amid new diplomatic efforts by United States, Qatar, Egypt To achieve a cessation of hostilities.

Contacts intensified again with the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office, Benjamin NetanyahuHe explained that a team of negotiators will be in Qatar next week, where Hamas leaders live in exile.

So far, only one ceasefire has been reached, in November, more than seven months ago, and it lasted only three days.

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On May 31, the President of the United States. Joe BidenHe presented a peace plan supposedly proposed by Israel, but Netanyahu quickly shot it down when he insisted that there would be no ceasefire until Hamas was destroyed.

On June 11, the United States submitted this proposal to UN Security CouncilThe resolution, the fourth so far, was approved with the support of 14 countries and only Russia abstained from voting.

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