Four weeks later

I return to this medium after four weeks of enforced absence, so I have to start the article with a Happy New Year 2024!

These weeks have passed and the genocide in Gaza continues. Thousands and thousands came out from all the cities of the country on Saturday to demand peace, and to demand that European governments be strict with the Israeli government and force it to cease fire, to end the genocide of the Palestinian people in Gaza. Strips. Now US President Biden, who used his veto power in the UN Security Council when he called for Israel's condemnation, says coexistence between two states, Palestinian and Israeli, in the region is entirely possible.

Words are welcome but actions are needed. Inside his home, the US President has civil society asking him to take actions such as stopping the supply of weapons to the State of Israel, to listen to them and to restore his credibility with his people, in an electoral race that has already begun. .

Netanyahu is not in a good position at home either. The hostages' families are becoming more extreme in their demands for negotiations that could return them to their homes. Israeli peace advocates take to the streets, but are silenced by the international media that does not want the government's weakness in the face of its civil society to be known.

Meanwhile, armed clashes are taking place in other parts of the geographic region, and various attacks are inflaming the situation and making peace talks more difficult.

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But what never ends is the hunger, destruction and death in the narrow geographical strip of Gaza, where reporters provide us with testimonies of the helplessness and discontent of survivors demanding peace, food, medicine and water. …with a word that ends the systematic destruction they are subjected to at the hands of the Israeli army.

A struggle we cannot forget, and we must continue to demand more strength, more resoluteness from political representatives in international organizations, the European Union, and the United Nations… To end this genocide of a people who have every right to live, be free.

We continue to demand peace in the Middle East and elsewhere, such as Ukraine – which the media has now forgotten, and we want a peaceful world in which coexistence and mutual respect are international standards for relations between peoples and their states.

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