The three tombs in Igualada were celebrated successfully

The three tombs in Igualada were celebrated successfully

Last Sunday was expected Three graves They were able to celebrate again this year for the 202nd time without interruption. The sunny day contributed to the event being carried out naturally. The Fanal light, as a symbolic element guiding the entourage, was also at the front, followed by the Banda de Música d'Igualada who accompanied their music on the first lap. Next, four horses from Copellis, the chariot of St. Anthony, and the little and great flag, sponsored by Mr. Nicosia. Cento Vives y Diaz and Mrs. Carmi Minguet and Carreras respectively. On this occasion, the pubes and bridesmaids performed Tres Graves, the three riding with their horses and having great fondness and respect for this animal.

On this occasion, there was the presence of Oriol Junqueras and Manel Armengol, Director of the Regional Services for Climate Action in Central Catalonia, who were able to watch the entourage with the President of the organizing entity Montserrat Argelic and the Mayor of Igualada. Mark Castiles, President of the Regional Council Jordi Barcerisas and members of the Igualada Council. The knights blessed the third grave, as is tradition.

The day was able to be held normally and successfully for another year, without any incidents, with one participant Fifty wagons and wagons and about 150 animals, all of which come from places like Martorell, Angelsola, Reims, Terrassa, Cerdaniola del Valles, Artesa di Segre, Vilanova, and La Geltru, among others. Local and foreign spectators and those along the route were able to see a real mobile museum.

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as in Noteworthy news On the part of the Igualadena organization, this year we must highlight a cart with antique items, a cart with boxes, a cart laden with paper, as well as a cart with eight bocoys from Cabra del Camp, and an agency cart from Sant Andreu del Palomar.

To all the citizens, as well as to all the volunteers and collaborators who have made the party possible for another year, from the old porters' union of Igualada, we want to send them a sincere and strong thank you once again.

Today at 2/4 at 8 pm A mass will be held to elect the transferred members, in charge of Mr. Josep Massana, in the Solidat Church. The celebrations will end next Saturday, January 27, when the dance will take place at 2:40 pm at the Teatre Municipal l'Ateneu by the Vives Veus Orchestra, which has recovered after a small bow with the concert format.

During the break, there will be a raffle for cakes among the members present, free of charge from the pastry shops Pla, Closa, Bon Tast, Fidel Serra, Òscar and Targarona, and a few words will also be exchanged with the heroes of the party.

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