The San Marin anti-immigration wall that Europe does not criticize –

The San Marin anti-immigration wall that Europe does not criticize –

That between Finland and Russia would be the first refugee barrier a progressive government would want: a side effect of Russia’s aggression on Ukraine

It would be the first anti-immigrant barrier in Europe a progressive government would want. Run 260 kilometers along the border between Finland and Russia. The goal is to ensure proper border controls in the coming yearsThe Social Democratic Prime Minister clarified Sana Marine
After declaring broad political support for the plan, which combines the majority and the opposition. But this time there has been no reaction (so far) from the European Union, which in the past has always publicly criticized the anti-refugee walls that have been built in Europe, starting with the one wanted by the Hungarian Prime Minister, the sovereign. Victor Urbanin 2015 at the borders with Serbia and Croatia to limit the arrival of arrivals from the Balkans.

bipartisan plan

Now what has always been the backbone of the populist right – defending borders even with anti-immigrant walls – has become a bipartisan project. In a country led by the Social Democrats, Brussels has nothing to object to (at least for now). And not just because Sanna Marin – a young and open-minded woman on civil rights – has broad support in Europe. The fact that—among the side effects of Russian aggression in Ukraine—the anti-immigrant wall has become a legitimate project in the face of Putin’s threat of mixed war, with migration flows used as a destabilizing weapon.
Helsinki fears that Russia will decide to push thousands of migrants to its territory To put the country in trouble, as happened last year in Poland and Lithuania with the refugees released by the Belarusian regime.

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closed doors

Since the start of the war in Ukraine on February 24, more than 40 thousand Russians have arrived in the Scandinavian country. after, after Partial packingHelsinki announced on September 21 by the Kremlin that it had imposed a ban on Russian tourists from entering the country for fear that they would jeopardize internal security. So the border is closed to all Russian citizens trying to enter on a visa, with very few exceptions: Dissidents, students and family reunification issues.

Metal fence with sensors

To make it easier to keep an eye on the border, here is the wall chart: An iron fence topped with barbed wire with sensors and surveillance cameras Spread along the southern side of the border with Russia: one-fifth of the 1,300-kilometer distance, from Norway to the Baltic Sea, is the expanse most at risk of future mass migration from the east.

The Kurdish Exchange and NATO

The cohesion of the Finnish parties on the choice to protect the eastern border reflects Finland’s turning point with regard to the structure reached after World War II: the abandonment of the historical status of the distance between the two blocs and the subsequent inclusion in the Atlantic alliance. The turning point in Helsinki’s foreign policy came on June 28 when Turkey withdrew its veto over the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO. To join NATO, the San Marin agreed to hand over Kurdish refugees from Finland to TurkeyErdogan considered them terrorists, while on the ground they were allies of the West in the fight against ISIS. In the background, without receiving special criticism in Europe, this Kurdish and NATO exchange that Marin had to undergo in order to present himself in the future.

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