A laptop with 192 cores and an endless amount of RAM: the craziest project ever

A laptop with 192 cores and an endless amount of RAM: the craziest project ever

A computer with infinite RAM and more cores than could be seen in a processor factory: a crazy but not impossible project.

Even in IT we sometimes get into perspective To the race As is the case with shopping malls, so try to get them A little more than its competitors. Not much more, just enough to attract users looking for a premium product.

Laptop out of this world! -The idea of ​​a computer

And even if new versions of personal computers can boast of a good supply in terms of RAM and cores inside CPUs, this project in particular seems to escape a little from the same logic with which computers were built. This is a one-to-one startup project Mobile workstation.

Which means we're actually faced with a laptop with the power of Superman after a day in the sun. Total project 192 cores and 3TB DDR5 RAM. But is it something you can buy, see and touch? A question that may not have a simple answer.

Pharaonic Project, a computer with almost infinite RAM

The workstation market is a very special market. We're talking about computers with features and specifications that go beyond what's commonly found in computer stores, and above all, they're often machines you already own. Different purposes From trying to run Crysis. Workstations are actually computers assembled to perform their tasks Complex scientific calculations usually.

Mediaworkstation, the pharaonic project of a laptop with giant RAM
Ultra-powerful workstation laptop (hexus.net image) – Computer-idea.it

But this does not mean that some users with special needs, for example those involved in 3D rendering, can benefit from it Superior strength that the workstation offers compared to even the best laptop or desktop computers available. The numbers in this sector are therefore increasingly larger. But the workstation I envisioned as Mediaworkstation has a complete look Overcoming even the craziest desires.

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Six interconnected displays show the power of 2 AMD Epyc Genoa ZEN 4, each containing 96 cores and 3TB DDR5 RAM With more Two GPUsFive memories and an M.2NVE SSD drive. Six cooling fans It is clear that the consumption is approximately 2 kilowatts. This item is apparently worthy of Tony Stark It disappeared into thin air Along with the company that suggested this just a few months ago.

It is not known what happened either, because trying to enter the official Mediaworkstation website means receiving a message warning that the site is not safe and it is best to stay away from it. For completeness regarding the 6 monitor super workstation Starting price It would have gone further than that 115 thousand dollars For a machine weighing just over 22 kg.

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