Ukraine and the Russians launch the Kinzhal hypersonic missile – Mondo

Ukraine and the Russians launch the Kinzhal hypersonic missile – Mondo

“Russian aggression can and should only be stopped with sufficient weapons. And the terrorist state will not understand anything else. Weapons on the battlefield. A weapon that protects our skies. New sanctions against Russia. But we must also work more actively to create a court on the crime of Russian aggression against Ukraine” . So said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his evening message. “Only weapons eliminate terrorists. In particular, we are expanding our tank alliance (there is Canada’s decision today, thank you). There are already 12 countries.”

Two planes of the Russian Air Force took off yesterday morning from the Machulyshi base in Belarus: the Belarusian Gayon monitoring group announced, citing Ukrainian media. These are the MiG-31K and DRLO A-50U surveillance aircraft. According to Belarus Gayon, the fighter is likely on board Kinzal rockets. These are hypersonic ballistic missiles capable of flying at speeds close to Mach 10 Drawing trajectories designed to satisfy the computational capabilities of opposing anti-missile systems, greatly reducing the probability of interception.

Ukraine intercepted and shot down 47 of the 55 missiles launched by the Russians. According to the army budget mThe whole country is under attack. In Odessa, according to local authorities, two unidentified energy infrastructures were hit by Russian missiles. And the Ukrainian defense forces stated that “the missiles are also in the direction of Vinnytsia and the Kyiv region,” stressing that they can “change the course.” Military leaders call on the population to “stay in shelters. We believe in air defence.” “Some missiles are flying through the Kharkiv region, others through Vinnytsia towards the west,” Ukrainian forces said in a telegram update. According to rescue workers, at least 11 people were killed in the Russian missile attacks yesterday.

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Observers from the International Atomic Energy Agency reported that Powerful explosions occurred near the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant It was occupied by the Russians during the massive missile attack launched yesterday by Moscow’s forces on Ukraine: this was announced by the Director General of the UN agency, Rafael Grossi, as reported by the Guardian. For his part, Renate Karcha, an advisor to the Russian agency that operates the country’s nuclear power plants – Rosenergoatom – said Grossi’s allegations were unfounded, calling it a “provocation”.

Military supplies from the West
Germany plans to deliver its Leopard tanks to Ukraine “at the end of March and the beginning of April.”And According to German government forecasts. The announcement comes on a day marked by sustained attacks across the country. “I am convinced that Poland will deliver Leopard tanks to Ukraine within a few weeks.” This was stated by Deputy Minister of National Defense Wojciech Skurkiewicz, speaking on the Polish radio Radio Plus, which was re-launched by the Ukrainian media. “As soon as the (Ukrainians) are trained, we will be ready to hand over this equipment to the Ukrainian side,” the deputy minister added, noting that Warsaw is ready to send a company (14 vehicles) of German-made tanks to Kyiv. .

Italy and France are about to agree
France and Italy are close to defining the technical details for supplying Ukraine with the Samp-T air defense system. This is what two diplomatic sources told Reuters, although it is not clear – the news agency writes on its website – how quickly the final decision will reach. French Defense Minister Sebastien Licorne will travel to Italy tomorrow to meet his counterpart, Guido Crocito, according to Reuters. “We are finalizing the” agreement “with the Italians, it is not far away,” said a French diplomatic source.

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Aid to Ukraine from the International Monetary Fund
The International Monetary Fund is considering a $16 billion aid package for Ukraine. This was reported by Bloomberg, citing some sources, according to which the money will serve to meet the country’s needs but also as a catalyst for more international aid. The aid program is linked to various conditions, including support from the Group of Seven major countries, lenders and creditors in Kyiv.

Power outages in Kyiv and Odessa
Kyiv in the dark. This was announced by a Ukrainian energy operator:Electricity was cut off in Kyiv and three regions of Ukraine as a result of the Russian attacks this morning.” Emergency power outages also occurred in the Odessa region. According to Ukraine’s main private supplier, power outages could take several days due to damage to infrastructure, Dtek explained. energy in the region due to today’s Russian attacks, repair work may take a long time.

Zelensky, Putin is nobody
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with Sky News that he was “not interested” in meeting Vladimir Putin for peace talks. The Russian president is a “nobody”, lives in an “information bubble” and does not know what is happening on the battlefield. Meeting Putin “is not interesting to me. It is not interesting to meet, it is not interesting to talk. Why? Because we had a meeting with him in the Normandy format, that was before the invasion: I saw him say one thing and then he said made another,” Zelensky explained. “I can’t understand: is it his decisions or someone else’s? So they met for what, shook hands? I’m not interested. they talked? I don’t really understand who makes decisions in Russia.” “After the massive invasion of Ukraine, nobody came back, nobody for me.”

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Trump’s position
Donald Trump enters the war in Ukraine with a straight leg, criticizing Joe Biden’s decision to send tanks to Kyiv’s forces. “First come the tanks, then the nuclear warheads,” he chants in a post on his social media site, Al-Haqiqa. “We need to end this crazy war now. It’s that easy.”

Sanctions on Wagner
The US Treasury Department imposes sanctions on the Wagner Group, which it considers a “transnational criminal organization”. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the sanctions would further limit President Vladimir Putin’s ability to “weaponize his war machine”.

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