Formula 1 – Verstappen talent, Hamilton and Leclerc frustrate, applause for Alonso and Vettel: What Austin GP said

Formula 1 – Verstappen talent, Hamilton and Leclerc frustrate, applause for Alonso and Vettel: What Austin GP said

Can criticize or not the fact that F1 He is increasingly American, but Austin JB gave feelings. The score at the front is the same many other times, we’ve seen talent the above Verstappen. From the very long pit stop of the Red Bull mechanic on lap 35 (which is unusual in the season), there was the start super back from the Dutch. At as low as 1’40”, can start over first LeclercThen start defaulting Hamiltonwas definitely passed to six returns from the end with one separate brutality. In short, Mad Max is now rising to the top 13 victories In Season: One more will be enough to break the record for victories in an F1 year, which he holds Michael Schumacher (in 2004 with Ferrari) H Sebastian Vettel (With Red Bull in 2013).

Red Bull, Constructors’ fifth title dedicated to Mates
Red Bull is enjoying it, as is the success of its fifth constructors’ title. And remember the deceased in the best possible way Dietrich Matcheswho died on Saturday at the age of 78 and took over his rights in 2005 Jaguar To find a team based in Milton Keynes. Appointment of a team manager Christian Horner, who has been heavily criticized in recent weeks for the topic of the budget cap and with bright eyes at the end of the race for the double-goal achieved. strain of ceiling costs Apart from love and loyalty towards the stable. Just like a genius skill like Adrian Niuethe technical director who designed the machine RB18on the verge of perfection: the best in the forehand and also grown in the curves, from Hungary onwards impregnable For everyone.

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Hamilton Mercedes, Austin fading too. Head to 2023
If Red Bull cheers up TexasCongratulation should also be given to the other drivers on the podium. Lewis Hamilton He believed it, thanks to the solid tires that boosted his car’s pace mercedes. He tried to shoot to the limit after overtaking Vettel for the lead at that turn, while Verstappen outplayed Leclerc after winning. slow pit stop The search for the first place began. Was wanting to see one again dream challenge Among the duelists for the 2021 title, which unfortunately did not happen. With six laps less, the Englishman could have scored the only win of the season on what was perhaps the last circuit suitable for Mercedes’ characteristics. Unlikely to see a car Stuttgart On the highest step of the podium in MexicoAnd the Brazil or Abu Dhabi. Seven-time world champion looking forward to 2023hoping to get one seat at the height of the battle with Red Bull and Ferrari.

Leclerc is excellent Third, Ferrari suffers from severe tire wear
then there Charles Leclerc And the Carlos Signs. The second caught a cold from a meaningless restraint George contactwho made a mistake but asked Sorry (And it must be respected because it is always true.) The first we click twelveth For penalty due to internal combustion and turbocharged engine changes, it is Third After a standing ovation. The placement, however, was not taken with great joy, because Monaco was fed up Not being able to fight anymore also because of decayTiresOne of the main problems of the season for the Ferrari F1-75. In Maranello, next winter, Mattia Binotto You will not only have to think about the reliability of the motor. It is also necessary to solve the consumption problem Tires – which gets worse with any compound before Red Bull from Verstappen – and Ski Departure. It suffices to review the photos that show how Charles and Max’s broker was at Park Fermi, after the GP of Japan. Enough to review the thousandth slip when the traffic lights went out, which also cost Cavallino the first place on Sunday, as it did for Baku it’s at Singapore.

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Fia racing trend, again we’re not there…
It’s been said and repeated about the FIA: Changes directioneBut the results are always contradictory. The union is deepening reorganized And the modern. After apologizing for being able to handle the crane situation differently Japanpunishment a Pierre flirtatious Regarding incorrect respect of the safety distance behind safety car He has nothing to be ashamed of. The French beat the famous 10 car lengths As Sergio Perez did in Singapore, but if the Mexican gets away with it five Seconds, after a three-hour wait, it took less than 30 minutes to assign a penalty to the Frenchman coming off AlphaTauri. Mexican Red Bull had to answer for two identical rings in the same race at Marina Bay, with one of the two being reprimanded and in the other five seconds (and thus not costing the win over Leclerc). The rules of the International Federation apply by standard or only out of sympathy? If Gasly had paid his duty, it was also true that he would now have to be careful. That’s because after earning three more points in Japan (for speed with jacks on the track), he’s now at a height nine in super license. This means that with three more points, the race will begin disqualification.

Alonso Vettel, you applause
The last mention, finally, could only go to F1’s ‘olders’, Fernando Alonso And the Sebastian Vettel. The Spaniard started 14th for a change of engine, but climbed to 9th after 10 laps and eventually closed two positions forward, despite the flight with his nose in the sky due to contact. bayonet stroll roam (Bad change of course in the past, and Alonso’s future partner next year in Aston Martin). But Alonso is then punished with 30 seconds After a complaint HassWhich brings him back to 15th place for driving in unsafe conditions, given that the mirror after the collision, vibration strongly. On the other hand, German Aston Martin ranked eighth and was elected “Driver of the Day”. Brilliant guide, finished with points despite the problem with the stopping platform, and is “experienced” with good fights with the Haas of Kevin Magnussen Some curves from the end. In the end, the former Ferrari driver, who always scores points from three races and wants to end his rosy F1 career, won in the best way possible.

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