Carmen Art Culture Festival, a journey into the world of science and education

Carmen Art Culture Festival, a journey into the world of science and education

Festival of Artistic Culture, the protagonist of Piacenza – The Province of Piacenza For the fifth year in a row, he joins Art Culture FestivalThe exhibition dedicated to promoting technical and scientific culture in school, training and professional fields. From October 12, 2022 to December 15, 2022 Festival program (Bologna was born in 2014) It returns to excite students, families, citizens, businesses and institutions with a rich proposal of initiatives dedicated to the theme “Decent Work and Economic Growth”, UN Agenda 8 Goal: The will is to facilitate constructive and participatory thinking on the idea of ​​equitable and inclusive economic growth based on skills, services and innovation.

The Piacenza calendar and the role of the province – The District of Piacenza, in cooperation with the School Office and the Municipality of Piacenza, has involved and coordinated a network of public and private entities to implement the events of the Piacenza Rich Calendar. Strengthening school, training and professional paths in the scientific technical field and generating ideas, experiences and comparisons to imagine new connections between action and thinking are the objectives of the planned initiatives, which are collected in two different posters. ususally a program About twenty events participate, partly in presence and partly remote, run by a range of different local realities. For two days (Thursday 27 and Friday 28 October), in the Piacenza Open Laboratory in the former Chiesa del Carmine in Piazza Casali, it will be possible (from 9:00 to 13:00) to take an educational and interesting journey into the world of technology and science: secondary schools in the Piacenza region, vocational schools will present training centers and a laboratory Piacenza open their projects and inventions to the public in their private offices. Demos, games and experiments will provide the opportunity to understand how technology and science can contribute to quality education.

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The ribbon-cutting is scheduled in the former Carmine Church on Thursday, October 27 at 11 a.m.: Piacenza County President Monica Batelli, Piacenza Mayor Katia Tarasconi, Giorgia Papini representing Parma and Piacenza County School Office, Principal Enaip Pietro Natale and the respective school administrators. Some representatives of the Student Council also attended.

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