Formula 1 – Ferrari 2023: The ultimate goal is to stay behind Red Bull

Formula 1 – Ferrari 2023: The ultimate goal is to stay behind Red Bull

the countryside 2023 It started in the worst way for a historic team Ferrari. A rude awakening after statements of absolute relative velocity SF-23. in present F1 hardly a a team Able to recover a file net gap short-term opponents. And comment that jumping horse currently suffering Red Bullalas, much higher than expected, especially at race pace.

What’s more, there is Aston Martin And Mercedes. Verdona flies by and seems very difficult to beat. while the W14more on hand red, a Imola He will undergo a powerful transformation, which, in theory, should give a great deal surplus black stock performance.

to Maranello You work so hard. The single seat study revealed that many problems impede core competitiveness. However, a few flashes of performance Not enough at all to fuel some optimism, he asserts Turenne guest a The spitting stopsthe podcast to Technical analysis of Formula One.

“Ours” does not hide its mathematical devastation in connection with the future Ferrari. On the other hand, there are now so few hopes of immediate salvation that he sec Leothe SF-23 He could only win three races trying to make the most of the autopilot package available.

“Without the Safety car the Ferrari They will finish in front of Mercedes. Sure… it could have just been the fourth and fifth places. But the saddest factor is related to overruns stroll wander at the expense of Sainz. Sayings don’t count Russell At the end of the run, in which the young British talent disregards the redhead by not being considered a direct opponent, setting the only batting target. Red Bull. This scenario shows how competitors also see a jumping horse demilitarized.”

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Ferrari SF-23 during the Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia in 2023

“I hope that Ferrari Able to debug the car at a technical level and make it SF-23 more decent. For what we saw during the first two rounds of the championship given the exceptional qualifications of LocklearI can’t help but look at three races with a touch of optimism: Monte CarloAnd Singapore And Vegas. On these tracks, he can even outperform everyone else in the qualifiers Given the formation of the tracks, keep opponents in back until the checkered flag.”

“Sure enough, if this terrible tire irritation does not subside in the race, suffering from starting does not guarantee victory as you will be passed using roulette. Net strategic mistakes that I hope will not happen frequently this year. More than that, for a moment, I cannot Visibility On the other hand, it takes at certain moments 1.7 seconds per lap of Red Bull says it all.

Ferrari 2023: The minimum and, unfortunately, maximum goal is to stay behind Red Bull

It is about understanding how the good man said it Mathias. It is unfortunate that while you are doing this, others win and you lose. This is the sad account that tells the modern history of the color red. Bearing in mind the current world championships, and embracing a certain realism that must necessarily be contemplated in these cases, a feasible goal for the Italian team quenches the enthusiasm of the fans.

In this regard, there is a hypothesis that could somehow explain the breakdown FerrariIt is a possibility that many fear Turenne I do not agree at all. Yes, because evaluating the regulator as being solely responsible for a slow car seems somewhat unfair. Especially given the time available to adapt the project to organizational changes.

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“Whenever changes are made to the set of technical regulations during construction in the top motorsport category, it is clear that various problems always arise. That to me is completely out of the question. Having said that, this certainly cannot be the explanation for the sad competitive collapse of Ferrari…”

author: Alessandro Arcari@employee

the pictures: Scuderia Ferrari

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