Koldo García breaks his silence and accuses the Socialist Workers' Party of cruelty towards Albalos

Koldo García breaks his silence and accuses the Socialist Workers' Party of cruelty towards Albalos

Former advisor to former Spanish Minister José Luis Ábalos Koldo Garcia he said that The PSOE was harsh with the former leader, He is now a member of the mixed group. In this sense, he considers it wrong for the socialists to demand his resignation because he says Abalos does not deserve it. “It would be unfair for him to be nice, and I think that would be hard on him“, he insisted in an interview with OK Diario.

According to him, “[Ábalos] He gave everything, not for himself, but for Spain”, and was a loyal civil servant and “one of the best politicians” of the Spanish state. Likewise, he highlighted their willingness to solve problems and help people, and believes that doubting this is cruel.

“I think the people who should have helped him in difficult situations were not able to,” added Garcia, who was investigated for allegedly collecting illegal kickbacks in mask sales contracts during the pandemic.

“I didn't do anything at all”

On the other hand, he pleaded his innocence and said he had done “absolutely nothing.” He added that he may have made mistakes, which he regrets, and that he may have unintentionally harmed more people.

“I did not commit anything wrong at all, as far as I know. But justice must decide,” he noted, noting that he was going through a very complicated situation because he saw that there were people around him who did not contact him for fear of media pressure.

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“Because if you have coffee with me, the next day they take a picture and they can fire you. They can take away your job that supports your family. “I understand the position of both those who spoke to me and those who are not speaking to me now,” he added.

He called a lot of people

After saying that no one had done anything unusual, García admitted that during the pandemic he had invited many people to buy masks through the Soluciones de Gestió company, without ruling out that he had also contacted governments, such as the islands.

“[Ho vaig fer per] Providing materials that were necessary for Spain. […] I called a thousand people. Whoever needed something, I tried to help him […] He added: “The situation was chaotic, everyone was asking for materials, and thousands of people were calling me.” He explained that he told them: “This is the one who brought me this, which seems to work and is good,” referring to Soluciones de Gestión.

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