Leclerc first covers the manhole, and the session begins again –

Leclerc first covers the manhole, and the session begins again –

12.42pm – Timetable with 4 hours and 30 minutes to go

1. Leclerc (Ferrari) 1'31'750
2. Piastri (McLaren) 0'578
3. Sargent (Williams) 0'828
4. Perez (Red Bull) 1'129
5. Alonso (Aston Martin) 1'303

12.31pm – Horner at the official FIA conference wearing a Red Bull jersey

Christian Horner speaks with other team principals at the official FIA conference. The team manager wears a Red Bull uniform and is under investigation for allegedly harassing an employee. The ruling is supposed to arrive days before the start of the Bahrain Grand Prix (March 2). Speaking about the technical aspects, Horner says: “I am happy with the work that has been done on this machine.” Sitting next to him are Bruno Famine from Alpine, Alessandro Aloni Bravi (Sauber) and Laurent Mekes (Racing Bulls).

12.23pm – Leclerc simulates the race

Extra work for Ferrari's mechanics who changed the car's flooring: Leclerc now performs a series of passes on the medium tires to simulate race pace, and the Monaco leads the times sheet.

12.17 pm – Testing resumes in Bahrain

Once the repair of the manhole cover was completed, the testing session resumed in Bahrain, and Leclerc returned to the car after repairing the floor. It will continue until 5 p.m.

12.08 pm – Alonso: “It is ridiculous to conduct the test for only three days”

11.51am – Why do manhole covers explode in Formula 1?

One explanation that emerged after the Las Vegas Grand Prix is ​​that this generation of ground effect cars, where the roof is the element that contributes most to the aerodynamic load (i.e. crushing the single seat to the ground), by sucking in air. From the surface of the suction cup effect. So the manhole, if not closed properly, is lifted. In Sakhir, checks are underway on other road covers.

11.29am – Timetable with the session suspended

1. Leclerc (Ferrari) 1'31'750
2. Piastri (McLaren) 0'578
3. Sargent (Williams) 0'828
4. Perez (Red Bull) 1'129
5. Alonso (Aston Martin) 1'303

11.18am – Ferrari damaged after hitting manhole, floor changed

A major setback for Ferrari, which will have to replace the floor of the car damaged as a result of the collision with the inspection hole while Leclerc was at the wheel. We remind you that the tests take place with one seat, in which the two drivers take turns. As Hamilton hit the hood, the damage to the Mercedes would be assessed.

– The moment Leclerc collided with the manhole cover

11.13am – Like the Las Vegas Grand Prix

11.02am – The session will not resume, we will start again in the afternoon

10.44am – Everything is still at a standstill, as Leclerc crashes into the pit

The cars have been parked in the pits for several minutes now, with technicians monitoring track conditions after Lewis Hamilton, who was passing on the edge of Turn 11, blew a hole that Leclerc then also passed through. Currently, Ferrari mechanics are examining the car.

10.26am – Great race pace for Leclerc, red flag now

Charles Leclerc confirms the great feeling with the new Ferrari. Just when the Monaco was cruising along at simulated race pace (an interesting 1'38''7 on lap five), a wreck in turn 11 brought out the red flag. The manhole may have been raised after Lewis Hamilton ran over the curb.

10.09am – Red Bull have difficulty with Perez

If yesterday he dominated with Verstappen, today looks like a more complicated day for Red Bull. Sergio Perez is currently in fourth place, more than a second behind Leclerc. The Mexican first had to deal with the high temperature and then with the long locks on the right front.

09.42am – Leclerc is in and out of the pits, and Hamilton is getting worse

Leclerc, fastest of the day so far, again where he leaves straight away anyway. Lewis Hamilton finished lap 27 with a time of 1'38'722.

9.07am – First hour of testing: times

08.27am – Leclerc starts well

The Ferrari car driven by Charles Leclerc set the best time at the start of the second day of testing in Bahrain. He is followed by Sargent in the Williams and Hamilton in the Mercedes

8.03am – Why did Red Bull go so fast on the first day

(Daniel SparischiA second is given to the first pursuers. Lando Norris. A sentence, or rather a message. Other times Max Verstappen He would content himself with reasserting his superiority by a handful of tenths. But those that will continue until tomorrow in Bahrain, on the track that will host the first race (March 2), are not the usual tests. continuous

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